Rachel’s Random Resources / Blog Blitz : Three Bloody Pieces – Elizabeth Davies

Three Bloody Pieces

Synopsis :

Three 3bloodypieces eCoverA dead king, a queen who is more than she seems, and a witch who uses the dark arts to entrap her.
Queen, widow, beggar – Lady Caitlyn is all three, and now she can add murderer to the list.
When death and treachery propel her south to Normandy, to seek sanctuary with the exiled Prince Alfred, visions of a woman with ancient eyes travel with her.
Herleva is a woman filled with ambition and greed. A woman who intends to be more than a commoner. A woman who gets what she wants by whatever means possible, even if she has to practice the dark arts to achieve her goals.
A woman who is a witch.
Caitlyn finds herself caught up in a magic which changes her very being. A magic which produces a king to change the lives of every man, woman, and child in England.

About the Author :

Three Bloody Pieces Author Photo Aug 16Elizabeth Davies is a paranormal author, whose books have a romantic flavour with more than a hint of suspense. And death. There’s usually death…

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Review :

‘Three Bloody Pieces’ is the first book of the Caitlyn series written by Elizabeth Davies and at the same time it’s my first acquaintance with this author.
I wanted to read this book because of the synopsis not only spoke of historical, but also of supernatural stuff.
The book delivered!
It was definitely full of murder, mayhem, treachery, witchcraft, … but with enough other things to lighten the mood.
It was, for me at least, the almost perfect mix.
So well done, Elizabeth!
You really did an amazing job on researching everything and writing it so to captivate me as a reader.
I found the first paragraph immediately spot on.
It got my attention and sent me on a trip where I couldn’t stop turning pages.
What a fascinating book indeed, not only from a historical point of view, but also because of the witchcraft in it.
The twist and turns got me even hooked more and sometimes grossed out because of the details.
However I had some issues with the transitions between some scenes, especially in the beginning of the book, and the plot twist half way through was a bit unsetteling, I still found it a great book which I would recommend.
I definitely can’t wait for the next installment as I want to know Caitlyn better and what will come on her path!

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