Rachel’s Random Resources / Blog Tour : A Ration Book Christmas – Jean Fullerton

A Ration Book Christmas

Synopsis :

A Ration Book Christmas cover 1With Christmas approaching, the Brogan family of London’s East End are braving the horrors of the Blitz. With the men away fighting for King and Country and the ever-present dangers of the German Luftwaffe’s nightly reign of death and destruction, the family must do all they can to keep a stiff upper lip.
For Jo, the youngest of the Brogan sisters, the perils of war also offer a new-found freedom. Jo falls in love with Tommy, a man known for his dangerous reputation as much as his charm. But as the falling bombs devastate their neighbourhood and rationing begins to bite, will the Brogans manage to pull together a traditional family Christmas? And will Jo find the love and security she seeks in a time of such grave peril?

About the Author :

Portrait_Jean-1022 RNA resizedJean Fullerton is the author of eleven novels all set in East London where she was born. She also a retired district nurse and university lecturer. She won the Harry Bowling prise in 2006 and after initially signing for two East London historical series with Orion she moved to Corvus, part of Atlantic Publishing and is half way through her WW2 East London series featuring the Brogan family.

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Review :

‘A Ration Book Christmas’ is the first book I’ve read written by Jean Fullerton and although I found the beginning a bit confusing – It felt as if I missed something or the synopsis didn’t fit properly – I couldn’t stop reading.
It was definitely well researched and written which made it, part from the beginning, an easy read for me.
The characters were great and headstrong, especially Jo.
Really people / families you can root for, particularly in that timeframe.
Will they not only survive war, but also the misunderstandings, the complications, … ?
Well done, Jean, you wrote a heartwarming story about everyday ‘small’ hiccups in life, when you really should think about surviving a big one, the war!


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