Rachel’s Random Resources / Guest Post : Fox Halt Farm – Celia Moore

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Fox Halt Farm

Today I’m on the ‘Fox Halt Farm’ blogtour, organised by Rachel’s Random Resources.
To promote these books I have a guest post written by its author, Celia Moore, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

FHF Celia MooreCelia Moore (1967-now) grew up on a small farm near Exeter. She had a successful career as a Chartered Surveyor working in the City of London before working her way back to Devon. In 2000, she left the office to start a new adventure as an outdoor instructor, teaching rock climbing and mountaineering. Today she gardens for a few lovely customers, runs and writes (accompanied at all times by a border terrier x jack russell called Tizzy). She is running the London Marathon in April 2019 for three cancer charities.

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Synopsis :

Fox Halt Farm RachelOpening on a cliff edge, Billy finds herself alone and betrayed. She believes everyone and everything she loves is threatened. Richard’s world is aglow with wealth, love and unswerving family loyalty but then his perfect life crosses Billy’s. He could save Billy, her beloved dairy cows and Fox Halt Farm but this young woman isn’t in the mood to be rescued.
Nothing will stay the same. Should they trust each other? Will their secrets tear their lives apart?
Fox Halt Farm is hard to put down. The story cracks along and you are caught up in Celia Moore’s vivid storytelling from the start. If you love novels by Jill Mansell, Fiona Valpy, Lucinda Riley, Maeve Binchy and Danielle Steel you will love this novel too!

Guest Post :

My journey continues

“Reading Fox Halt Farm was a most wonderful journey from the cover to the very last page. I travelled with the intriguing characters through the two decades always wondering what was around the next corner – it was sometimes tense, and sometimes heart-warming but always the anticipation of discovery enticed me on.” This would be my perfect review, and had been my goal ever since I first dreamt up the story of Fox Halt Farm in January 2017.
I confess, I am a perfectionist so having finished the sequel to Fox Halt Farm, I was niggled by little things in the first book I wanted to polish out. The feedback I received was that the original story was great and easy to read, but I was desperate for everyone who invested their time reading my books to have the very best experience possible. Over the two years since I published my debut novel, I have learnt a lot more about creative writing, especially about making my readers my number one priority.
The revised Fox Halt Farm is some three thousand words shorter than the first edition, and every page has changed – maybe just a word taken out, or substituted for a more poignant one. In other places dialogue was added or a paragraph reimagined, to show what was happening rather than tell.
Before it was published Fox Halt Farm was edited but at that time, I had to force myself into making every change, a little bit of me dying inside every time I deleted something which I had laboured over.
But having stood back from the book for nearly two years, and with the passage of time learning more about how to write effectively, I could see objectively, so the revisions I made in the updated edition, became cathartic, I was delighted to have the opportunity to make it better.
I kept telling myself that this was a journey and if I hadn’t explored all the other routes then I wouldn’t know which was the best one. The process reminded me of my days as a mountain leader taking people on walks in the Snowdonia National Park – I would never have led a group without researching the route and recceing it first, to find the most scenic way to go; the easiest path or the best pub to finish up in at the end of the adventure. Remembering too, my satisfaction seeing my group’s thrill and enjoyment of their day out.
Knowing the best route was only a part of making the trip special. I was able to answer questions about what was over the next ridge, or hidden in the valley far below. I could provide interesting snippets about geology or fauna, or advise how far it was, maybe adapting the route if the weather changed. I planned what time we’d reach journey’s end, and found the best place to have our refreshment breaks along the way. Not a single previous step was wasted, and I’d had all the joy of discovery too.
This is how I feel about revising Fox Halt Farm. I tell myself that not one word of my original drafts was written in vain. Each one helped craft my story, making it into the special novel I always wanted it to be. I have grown stronger, learnt the best equipment to use and how to use it effectively. I’ve enjoyed every step, and best of all, I know there is a lot more exploring left to do.

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