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Clarissa's Warning

Synopsis :

Clarissa's-Warning-Main-FileClarissa’s Warning is a haunted-house gothic mystery set on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

A lottery jackpot changes Claire Bennett’s life.
She buys an ancient stone ruin on the island of her dreams. Her mystic aunt Clarissa warns her of danger, but Claire pays no heed.
Soon after moving to the idyllic island, Claire is confronted by a mystery. As the sinister story of her home slowly uncovers, Claire enters a world of inexplicable events and ordeals. Someone or something doesn’t want her there.
But is it really a curse, or is there something else behind the events?

About the Author :

Isobel Blackthorn Headshot 1 copyIsobel Blackthorn is a prolific novelist of brilliant, original fiction across a range of genres, including dark psychological thrillers, gripping mystery novels, captivating travel fiction, and hilarious dark satire. Isobel holds a PhD in Western Esotericism and carries a lifelong passion for the Canary Islands, Spain. A Londoner originally, Isobel currently lives near Melbourne, Australia, with her little white cat.

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Review :

‘Clarissa’s Warning’ is my first encounter with Isobel Blackthorn and I’m afraid it will be my last too.
It’s not that this book is an awful one, but it was absolutely not what I expected.
The story itself was too slow paced, with too much details, in my opinion, and as for the characters, I had the feeling I didn’t really got to know them.
I captured more of the island and its history whilst reading than of Claire, Paco or anyone else for that matter.
Don’t get me wrong, I love when an author takes the time to explore the setting and history of the places they use, but I want them equally, or even more, invested in the characters and the plot.
For me this was definitely lacking and I struggled a lot whilst reading, as it was often a tad tedious.
I would have stopped if the author didn’t always wriggle the creepy supernatural stuff in at the right time for me.
Every time it re-piqued my interest, although it always felt a bit limited at the same time too.
It was as if the author didn’t want it to be too violent, too graphic, too emotional, too supernatural,… .
Luckily for me I somehow found it a bit more interesting around 70% in.
However, the last chapters were perhaps the greatest letdown for me personally.
I had the feeling that Isobel Blackthorn didn’t know how to tie some things together through the story and at the end she was made to deal with the loose ends.
It was done in a not so satisfying way in my humble opinion.
I’m really sorry, I’m afraid I’m not the most positive reviewer.
I guess my expectations were too high after reading the summary.
I don’t know, but I know and author appreciates honesty or at least I hope!
All I can say to soften the blow is that it probably wasn’t my cup of tea in the end, but I hope it’s for a lot of other people.

The Magic Of Wor(l)ds

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