Rachel’s Random Resources / Blog Tour : The Saxon Wolves (The Saxon Wolves #1) – Penny Ingham

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The Saxon Wolves

Synopsis :

The Saxon Wolves book cover kindleBritain 455AD.
The Roman Empire has fallen.

As the daughter of a king and a priestess of the sacred grove, Anya’s life in Germania is one of wealth and privilege – until she dares to speak out against the high priest’s barbaric human sacrifices. Her punishment is exile. Forced to leave her homeland, she sails to Britannia, to an island that is sliding into chaos and war, as rival kingdoms vie for power. Alone and far from home, Anya must learn to survive amidst the bloodshed, treachery and intrigue of fifth century Britain. Can she find a place to belong – a home, a hearth, a welcome?

About the Author :

The Saxon Wolves London Road Campus (6)Penny’s father, a journalist, instilled her with a love of history from an early age. Family holidays invariably included an invigorating walk up an Iron Age hill-fort whilst listening to his stirring stories of the Roman attack and the valiant defence by the Britons. Consequently, Penny has a degree in Classics and a passion for history and archaeology. She has enjoyed a varied career, including BBC production assistant, theatre PR and journalism, but her ambition was always to write historical fiction. Her first novel, The King’s Daughter, was awarded Editor’s Choice by the Historical Novel Society. Penny has worked on many archaeological excavations, and these ‘digs’ and their evocative finds often provide the inspiration for her books. Penny’s research also takes her to the many spectacular historical sites featured in this novel, including Hadrian’s Wall and Tintagel.”


Review :

This is my first read by this author, but I must say that I was sucked in the world of the book the moment I started to read it.
The atmosphere is almost touchable, full of bad vibes, but at the same time also filled with some hope.
I loved how Anya was depicted and how she takes us on the journey to get to know a lot of others.
You really get to know the timeframe and albeit it’s in a slow way (so not everybody’s cup) it makes a great read in my opinion.
Something savour worthy!
I however can’t say it’s really historical okay as the dialogues seem to modern and not everything is know of the people who existed back then.
It’s fiction mostly, but worth the timeperiod, at least for me.
The ending is a bit of a putdown for me as it leads to the sequel and therefore it feels unsatisfying.
I’m now almost obligated to read the second book and that’s something I dislike.
Certainly as it isn’t mentioned on the cover!

The Magic Of Wor(l)ds

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