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Today I’m on the ‘Culmfield Cuckoo’ blogtour, organised by Rachel’s Random Resources.
To promote these books I have a guest post written by its author, Celia Moore, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

FHF Celia MooreCelia Moore (1967-now) grew up on a small farm near Exeter. She had a successful career as a Chartered Surveyor working in the City of London before working her way back to Devon. In 2000, she left the office to start a new adventure as an outdoor instructor, teaching rock climbing and mountaineering. Today she gardens for a few lovely customers, runs and writes (accompanied at all times by a border terrier x jack russell called Tizzy). She is running the London Marathon in April 2019 for three cancer charities.

Social Media Links :

Synopsis :


When Billy reaches out to help, her kindness brings many changes which threaten hopes, homes, and even the people she loves the most.
Who is the Culmfield Cuckoo?
Will they help Billy get her life back? Or is the Cuckoo the cause of everything that is going wrong?
Who is telling the truth?

Guest Post :

My journey continues, but not alone.

In last month’s post, Celia Moore talked about her journey publishing her debut novel Fox Halt Farm. How she always tries to keep the reader in mind as she writes each sentence. Enjoying every step, knowing there is a lot more exploring left to do. This post is about meeting people on her adventure from starting her debut to recently, publishing the sequel Culmfield Cuckoo. Over to you Celia…

Today, I thought I would write about the lonely life of an author, our mind’s consumed by our stories and how best to tell them. This is how my journey began, just me, typing away on my computer, but with my husband Paul, always ready to listen and offering words of support.
However, once I finished my first draft, naively convinced my latest adventure was reaching its logical conclusion, I realised I needed help. Lost, with little idea where to head next. My rescuers, however, came in droves, and I still can’t believe the community of people I have found over the past couple of years.
Everyone I approached had time to help, encourage and offer support. Starting with advice from two author friends, then more friends willing to be beta readers. Finding a professional to critique my draft and later, an editor. Eventually, I even discovered a cover designer, who actually read my brief, and wrote to me in whole sentences explaining everything I needed to know.
Finding and joining online forums of authors, bloggers and other ‘writery’ people proved invaluable as well. At first, I simply read post after post of queries and comments, and then I started asking my own questions. No-one said, ‘Huh? you should know that!’ No, they readily provided lots of sound advice, not just the authors but bloggers too. A community of people who understand the hours of writing and editing, and all the angst – groups who are always positive when my self-confidence is ready to walk out the door. They don’t just talk about their successes, but failures too; what works and what didn’t – and why they believe it went wrong, (each post friendly, helpful and polite).
Next, I found and joined a local writing group and this proved to be a supportive monthly gathering with a passion for writing and lots of good humour.
My most recent helper is my proof reader and again she is quick to answer all my questions with comprehensive detail.

The actor and director Harold Ramis said, ‘I’ve always found that my career happened as a result of a tremendous synergy of all the talented people I’ve worked with, all helping each other, all connecting, and reconnecting in different combinations.’ He said to, ‘identify talented people around you and then instead of going into competition with them, or trying to wipe them out, make alliances, make creative friendships that allow you and your friends to grow together.’
I think he summed everything up.
What I’m trying to say is a lot of people have helped me get where I am today – they are probably reading this too, and I hope they all know how much I value and appreciate them. Thank you all.

The Magic Of Wor(l)ds

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