#BlogTour #RandomThingsTours @annecater / #PromoPost and #GiveAway : Burning Ambition and Takeaway Terror #SerialMurderSquad – BL Faulkner @crimewriter1

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Burning Ambition BT Poster

Today I’m on the ‘Burning Ambition and Takeaway Terror’ blogtour, organised by Random Things Tour.
To promote this book I have a some ‘basic’ information and a giveaway for you.

About the Author :

B Faulkner Author pictureBarry Faulkner was born into a family of South London petty criminals who ran with the Richardson’s Crime Gang in the 60’s-90’s. Being the youngest his mother, a top fashion model, was determined he would not follow in the criminal footsteps of the rest of the family and enrolled him into the Morely Academy of Dramatic Art to pursue a career in acting. Sadly young Faulkner was asked to leave after three months when no acting ability had surfaced. He went onto become an advertising copywriter with the English branch of the US Agency Erwin Wasey Ruffraf and Ryan where he got lucky with some scripts he sent to the BBC TV and became a scriptwriter and editor for them and several ITV companies. During this time the DCS Palmer plots were amassed in various notebooks and three years ago Faulkner finally found time to write and publish them. His early insight into the criminal world of his family has added authenticity to the characters and plots that makes them credible and the pace keeps the reader glued to the end. His signature end twist will always surprise you. Check out his top rated crime blog at geezers2016.wordpress.com

Synopsis :

Burning Ambition coverCases 7 & 8 from the DCS Palmer and the Serial Murder Squad series.

In Burning ambition an organised crime gang leader wants one last big heist as a signature to his career. He chooses the Royal Mint in Wales. But other criminals have learnt of this planned heist and want ‘in’. The answer is ‘no’ but the arguments develop into murders which brings in Palmer and his team. Will they be in time to stop the job and prevent any more murders?
In Takeaway Terror two organised crime families fight over the lucrative London West End drugs trade. Are the fast food delivery lads on their mopeds delivering more than takeaways? Why have three been killed by a hit and run driver? Old school gangsters go to war with an incoming foreign drugs lord family. Palmer needs to get inside, but once inside will he get out? Alive?

Giveaway :

I’m allowed to give one printed copy of the book to one of my followers (UK ONLY!).
You can enter by :
posting a comment on this post AND tweeting this post (I need to be tagged).
I’ll choose a winner on September 04 at 8:30AM Belgium time. Good luck, everyone!

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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