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Today I’m on the ‘Life’s A Banquet’ blogtour, organised by Rachel’s Random Resources.
To promote this book I have a guest post written by its author, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Robin Bennett lives in Henley on Thames, Oxon. He is an author and entrepreneur who has written several books for children and books on the swashbuckling world of business. His documentary, Fantastic Britain, about the British obsession with magic and folklore, won best foreign feature at the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards.
Robin says, “When the world seems to be precarious and cruel, remember that the game is to never give up – there’s everything to play for, and it will all be OK.”

Synopsis :

1fOxBF5gIf life gives you lemons, add gin
Life’s a Banquet is the unofficial but essential ‘guide book’ to negotiating your way through life – through education, family life and business, to relationships, marriage, failure and rejection.
Aged 21, Robin Bennett was set to become a cavalry officer and aged 21 and a half, he found himself working as an assistant grave digger in South London – wondering where it had all gone wrong.
Determined to succeed, he went on and founded The Bennett Group, aged 23, and since then has gone on to start and run over a dozen successful businesses in a variety of areas from dog-sitting to cigars, translation to home tuition. In 2003, Robin was recognised in Who’s Who as one of the UK’s most successful business initiators. Catapulting readers through his colourful life and career, Robin Bennett’s memoir is an inspiring tale.

Purchase Links:
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Guest Post :

10 Things I still don’t know after Quarter of a Century of running a business

So, The Bennett Group turned 26 last January and I find myself at the helm of an operation that has members of staff younger than the company itself. I think this fact, more than turning 51 next month, is guaranteed to make me feel old.
I was going to list ten things I wish I’d known then that I know now, but that’s too boring and incredibly patronising. Instead, I’ve decided to do a list of things I still don’t know after 25 years (but I’m trying).
So here goes:
1. I still don’t really understand my audited accounts. I probably should, but I don’t. There, I’ve said it.
2. Telling myself that ‘if I get my rolled up paper ball in the bin first shot I’ll be successful all year’ is not a scientific fact, it’s not even a proper superstition – it’s just stupid. Incidentally this is a shame: I’m quite a good shot.
3. Just because something has happened in a particular way many times over your career, it doesn’t mean it always will. For example one day, if I live to say 987, a prospective client who phones up and asks for a freebie, with the promise of ‘masses more work to come if we do well’ might not be lying through their teeth.
4. I am still reassured, though I’ve no idea why, when somebody tells me they are a Limited Company.
5. I maintain a deep-rooted belief that I can limit mindless Internet surfing to less than 7.5 hours a day.
6. I seem to forget (quite regularly) that drinking 2 pints of London Pride at lunchtime followed by a large glass of merlot at lunch has repercussions.
7. I must stop feeling smug about stealing office loo roll: a) it’s mine anyway and b) it’s the epitome of a pyrrhic victory.
8. (7.5, really) Ditto pens, paperclips and coffee.
9. Tweeting is not working.
10. Finally, people can tell if you’re picking your nose behind your computer screen: it’s all to do with the angle of your elbows and rotation.
So there you have it, not exhaustive but it’s a start: feel free to respond with things you still don’t know – or even things you think I don’t know (if you know me).


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