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Today I’m on the ‘Loot & I’m With The Band’ blogtour, organised by Random Things Tours.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

B Faulkner Author pictureBarry Faulkner was born into a family of South London petty criminals who ran with the Richardson’s Crime Gang in the 60’s-90’s. Being the youngest his mother, a top fashion model, was determined he would not follow in the criminal footsteps of the rest of the family and enrolled him into the Morely Academy of Dramatic Art to pursue a career in acting. Sadly young Faulkner was asked to leave after three months when no acting ability had surfaced. He went onto become an advertising copywriter with the English branch of the US Agency Erwin Wasey Ruffraf and Ryan where he got lucky with some scripts he sent to the BBC TV and became a scriptwriter and editor for them and several ITV companies. During this time the DCS Palmer plots were amassed in various notebooks and three years ago Faulkner finally found time to write and publish them. His early insight into the criminal world of his family has added authenticity to the characters and plots that makes them credible and the pace keeps the reader glued to the end. His signature end twist will always surprise you. Check out his top rated crime blog at geezers2016.wordpress.com.

Synopsis :

Loot Cover ImageTwo cases from the files DCS Palmer and the Metropolitan Police Serial Murder squad.
Case 5 ‘Loot’ sends the team on the trail of stolen WW2 Nazi gold that seems to be the reason for two murders. But where has it come from and how much is there? Soon the body count rises as an old gangland adversary from Palmer’s past emerges together with some feisty women and an English MP all prepared to kill for the prize. Everybody is playing cat and mouse with the gold changing hands with every twist and turn of the story that takes Palmer out of London to Gloucester and then to Brighton for an explosive finale.
Case 6. ‘I’m With The Band’ features 70’s rock band Revolution are still very big and packing out the major venues today but their original members seem to be dying in suspicious circumstances. Or so their manager thinks and he contacts Palmer’s number two with his fears. Palmer is not convinced until a nasty happening at Baker Street tube station underlines what the manager was afraid of. But who would want the band members dead? With a forty year career behind them it could be any one of thousands of past or present contacts. But this killer is confident, so confident he takes on Palmer via social network and tells him ‘catch me if you can’. But Palmer’s second in command DS Gheeta Singh was brought into his team because of her computer skills and is a match for the killer in cyber space. With just one original band member left alive the threat is real and Palmer must get to the killer before the killer gets to the member. The finale is an explosive one at a major Rock concert at the NEC.
Both case move along at the usual fast pace and with the usual ending twist that Faulkner does so well.


Loot Back Cover

Excerpt :

Chapter 23

Harry Robson turned the office safe combination lock clockwise and anti-clockwise as he said the code numbers under his breath, six turns and he heard the distinctive click inside. Swinging open the heavy door his eyes fell on the stacked gold bars shining in the office fluorescent light and his mouth stretched into a wide smile. The smile quickly disintegrated into panic as the office door opened behind him. He quickly pushed the safe door to hide the contents, turned and recognizing the figure he relaxed.
‘What are you doing here?’
‘I was passing and saw the light on.’
Robson nodded. ‘I remembered I had a bit of important paperwork to catch up on.’ He turned back to the safe to fully close it.
The monkey wrench that hit the back of his head was delivered with such force that had Harry Robson a death wish it was now granted. He slumped forward banging his empty face onto the safe as he slid to the floor. Another mighty blow was administered by the assailant just to make sure. A third was about to be aimed when the sound of a car pulling up on the wet gravel and mud outside halted the raised arm. The figure quickly moved away and stooped behind the reception counter out of sight as footsteps approached the cabin. The office door was flung open.
Finlay took a step inside. ‘I thought I might find you here…going to leave me and…..’ His words tailed off as he saw the body sprawled in front of the safe, the safe door slightly ajar. ‘Jesus, they didn’t hang about did they.’ His thoughts were for the gold not his uncle as moved to the safe and bent to pull the lifeless body away from the front of it. He opened the safe door and saw the gold intact. His quick mind was telling him, screaming at him, that if Harry was dead and the gold still there…..then whoever killed Harry was probably still there too…..the thought registered at the same time as the monkey wrench did it’s fatal work again and he fell across his uncle’s body.

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