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Today I’m not on a blogtour, but I’m sharing an excerpt of “Ghost in the Reflection: Letters to Erin” written by Jim F. Miller II to promote this book that will be published February 14th 2020.
Before I let you read it, I’ll first post some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

RNTXMNIN_400x400James Miller is a poet from the Midwest. His passion for writing began to burn for him once he learned to write in cursive. Putting a pen to the page makes him feel alive. His book, A Footnote for Tomorrow, has held the No. 2 spot on Amazon Top New Releases list and remained in the top 10 for two months. His poetry has previously been published in the Tecumseh Review (Vincennes University, Indiana), in 2000, and various anthologies between 1997 and 2000.
Jim was born in the 1970s in a small town in northern Indiana. His early life was spent between Indiana, Florida and the New York area. After his many years in college, he took to the road and traveled the country in a quest to find himself and some meaning or purpose in life.
During his academic career, James studied English, creative writing, journalism, advertising, philosophy and music/audio recording. During that time, he attended several smaller community colleges including Vincennes University where he studied English-Creative Writing, Journalism and Music-Audio Recording. During his time at VU he held an editor position on the school’s newspaper, The Trailblazer, for four semesters.
When he is not writing, working on the family business or at the auto factory, Jim likes to throw on a backpack and hike or load up the kayak and head out into nature. He’s a curious man who will speak to anyone willing to have a meaningful conversation.


Synopsis :

5184d95G8gLThis collection contains mature topics and adult language.
We are sitting upon the wall waiting as mankind has taken a downward spiral. The self has become deemed more worthy than the collective being, and we await from the sidelines for the whole show to crash and burn.
Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin began originally as a poetry series on It was a collection in the works that addressed the decline of humanity, kindness and morality in modern society.
The first half of this collection, Ghost in the Reflection, is a collection of observations of a world that by the day has become less the par. A variety of voices tell their stories, outlining a decline in morals, values and/or society in general. These footprints follow the voices and observations of writers many generations before us.
Meanwhile, the second part of the collection, Letters to Erin, is a narrative that displays these declines of morals and values as the thorns they have become in the present day “traditional” relationship, which is the core of any society. It documents the highs and the lows as well as the daily battles between love and hate against the backdrop of society’s decaying morality. It examines the hurt, the struggle, the deceit, betrayal and the disappointments that arrive in such an arrangement. We can find every darker aspect of this decline represented inside the shadows of these brutal wounds decorated with the harshness of unfiltered truth.
The third part of this collection is a sneak peek at what is to come in the follow up collection to these works.


Jim Ad

Excerpt :

How can something be one day,
but disappear a ghost the very next?
From hot to ice cold instantaneously.
Only the foolish would think
the disaster left in the wakening
was able to be beaten, that a newfound opportunity
could be had. She would allow herself to be cherished,
allow herself to feel, open herself up to
that hellish torment one more time….

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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