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Today I’m on the ‘Wayward Magic’ blogtour, organised by R&R Book Tours.
To promote this book I have some ‘basic’ information.

The Authors :

Melinda Kucsera, Joynell Schultz, Lee French, H.B. Lyne, Raven Oak, L.C. Ireland, Alesha Escobar, Tiffany Shand, C.S. Johnson, Anela Deen, Erik Kort, Devorah Fox, Stephen Wallace, Gwendolyn Woodschild, Leah W. Van Dinther, Barbara Letson, C.K. Rieke, William C. Cronk, Majanka Verstraete, Toasha Jiordano, H.M. Jones Krista Ames, A.R. Johnston

Synopsis :

Book CoverTitle: Wayward Magic (A Magic Underground Anthology)
Publication Date: April 2020
Genre: Anthology / Fantasy / Magic
Publisher: Magical Mayhem Press

Wayward Magic (Magic Underground Book II) reveals stories of missing people, rescue, and most of all, magic. Our heroes will grapple with magic gone wayward in order to save themselves, their families, and often the world. This collection features:
Out-of-control magic that could destroy a young apprentice’s master and their world
A woman’s hidden magic leaving her with more freedom that she wanted
Sisters at the center of a black magic scandal must stop the city from falling to demons
Children separated from their mother must escape the castle on the most dangerous night in history
The ill are suddenly protected from death by an unlikely hero…a teenage physician
Famine-stricken subjects await precious cargo currently stranded on a ship
A holy order must save a town from a pretty poison most magical and most deadly
And more!
Fans of Patricia Briggs and Tamsyn Muir will love Wayward Magic, second of the Magic Underground trilogy of anthologies… Get it today!

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Magical Mayhem Press

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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