#Review #PeruBoPublishing : The Origins of Yana Paisley – Ursula Visser

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I’m grateful of receiving a free copy from the publisher/author in exchange for an honest review of this book. –


Synopsis :

50421643._SY475_When successful nano-scientist Yana Paisley is mortally wounded, only one thing can save her life; she becomes the product of her own invention.
With her new abilities she is able to push her work to another level, until a devastating event changes everything; the government orders a total ban on her kind, and the hunt is on.
Meanwhile, her partner on the project Gordon Valez worms his way out of the trouble he’s in – or so he hopes. Every solution creates new problems and eventually his world collapses, taking Yana along with him.

PeruBo Publishing

About the Author :

35265471_839189592949167_2237717208627150848_nMy name is Ursula Visser. I was born in spring of 1968, in the most eastern part of The Netherlands, and I still live there with my partner.
I adore dragons, mystic creatures and the magic realms of fantasy books. Sci-fi books give me an interesting look in the future, and sometimes I wish I could time-travel, just to see what will happen.
Writing is my passion. My books are available in Dutch and English.


Review :

It wasn’t the first time I read ‘The Origins of Yana Paisley’ by Ursula Visser as I was one of the happy few who had the opportunity to read the first draft.
Afterwards I was already quite excited about the storyline so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the real deal.
Unfortunately it took some time before the book was released.
This said however, it was certainly worth the wait!
I already liked a lot about the book, but now it’s really a finished product.
There’s a lot that changed, but the core of it all stayed the same.
Ursula definitely listened to her bèta readers.
She turned an already great idea into a fabulous story about stuff that somehow could be happening in the (near) future.
It makes you think about how far scientists should go in helping humans and enhancing them.
It’s a well written book with a lot of secrets, twists and turns and also with great characters you will love or dislike (if not hate) .
It makes it a well-paced book you certainly must read if you like some ‘could be happening soon’ Sci-fi stuff!
I recommend it wholeheartedly and can’t wait to read more by Ursula Visser.

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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