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Today I’m on the ‘Yggdraslia: The Book of Kyrinae’ blogtour, organised by Love Books Tour.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

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Synopsis :

Kindle_YggdrasliaArt copy_final (1)The Church of Kyrinae is both law and religion to the world of Yggdraslia. However, that world is dying. Even empowered by magic relics given by the Goddess, the Clerics and Avatars of the church cannot seem to determine the cause or how to stop it. Perhaps, according to many of Yggdraslia’s citizens, they just do not care.
In this world lives Kiera Milla, and only a few days after the death of her mother, she finds herself visited by an animal messenger that throws her life upside down with magic, mystery and a responsibility far beyond what a 17 year old girl should have. With a desperate plea from the Goddess Kyrinae herself, Kiera is tasked with the impossible mission to restore the Goddess to her former glory and revive the dying lands. However, in doing so she must go against both the church’s teachings and laws. Using only her wits (or at least brute force..), the power of the relics and the help of new friends, Kiera will have to fight the world itself and its people, just to save it.


Excerpt :

RED. RED. RED. The ominous color was always the beginning. The intense feeling of despair and fear was next. Chaos swirled around as unfamiliar people yelled unfamiliar words and phrases in some desperate attempt to save that which was already lost. A different shade of red appears soon thereafter, in the form of fire, as it grows and expands to claim the lives and hopes of everyone caught in its path. RED. RED. RED. Again, the same color, as every attempt to survive and recover was met with failure. The people caught in this nightmare continued fighting an unknown enemy, a battle against the environment itself. Panic. Desperation. Pain. Loss. Betrayal. The feelings of hope and promise catastrophically destroyed in mere moments. The loss of what was and what was meant to be, echoing far beyond the present destruction. RED. RED. RED. As unrecognizable as the sudden beginning, the end was even more so. In mere minutes, what was seen at first was now a melted and disfigured horror. To look at the ground was to face unimaginable terror. Not one person survived the flames that engulfed everything they ever knew. The lingering thoughts of those in their final breaths were as loud as if they screamed them. Why? Why had this happened? Who did this to us? Kiera woke from her dream. Not with a start or a cry, but simply awakened to another day. The dream had plagued her for nearly ten years now, and although the feelings and emotions no longer affected her as they once did, the restlessness that came with it was something she could never quite shake off. She could remember the first time clear as ever, as a young seven-year-old girl, awakening to her own cries to feeling such horrible emotions and pain like she had ever known. She remembered trying to tell her mother what she saw that first night but realized she could not even describe it, much less try to explain. Now, it is but a common Resttime occurrence, and with the exception of the lack of restful sleep, she was relatively unfazed. Kiera looked through her window. It was beautiful outside, not too hot, not too cold. Then again, this was how it always was. According to the church, the Goddess Kyrinae blessed the world with two suns so her children may always enjoy her light and warmth. Artaya, the first sun, gave off a bright yellow tone, while Soledun had a tinge of red. The people of Yggdraslia balanced their days and lives by the passing of each sun. As it is said in The Book of Kyrinae, yellow is a symbol of beginning, so as the first sun Artaya rises and bathes the world in its light, so too shall the people rise. And as yellow is the beginning, so was red a symbol of endings. As Artaya sets, and Soledun rises to give the world a tone of orange, leading to red, so shall the people sleep and rest for the next day.

The Magic of Wor(l)ds


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