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Today I’m not on a blogtour, but I’m sharing a guest post written by Joshua Pantalleresco, author of The Cloud Diver: Level 1 to promote this book.
Before I let you read it, I’ll first post some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Head ShotI write stuff…and podcast too!
Last year I published my second book, Stormdancer, which is part of the Watcher series. The Watcher is an epic poem about a Slave boy that escapes his dragon masters and goes into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, discovering that there is more to life than being a slave. Stormdancer continues the story – Kristin and friends go on their own journey to save the Watcher from the clutches of dragons. Both books are available on Amazon and are published through Mirror World Books.
I have an Amazon author page at Feel free to take a look. I also write comic books. Paradigm is the book that i’m working on with Twyla April. You can read the first issue at
In addition to comics, I also run a podcast called Just Joshing. a podcast about life, art, and pursuing dreams. It airs weekly On podomatic, at He even has merchandise for the podcast that you can use to support the show at
In addition to being an artist, Joshua Pantalleresco is also a fan. He loves comics, video games, novels, pro wrestling and illustration. He posts actively on twitter, is playing with alternative food and medicine, and is trying to live life. He lives in Calgary.


Synopsis :

Cloud Diver 2How’s this: Johnny Wheeler was perfectly happy being a diver in Void Life. One fateful day doing his job in cyberspace he ends up finding a secret floor in the tower, and finds a woman with a Gunblade walking towards an ancient storage system known as the cloud. Johnny follows her and gets a file that everyone from zombie mobsters to unicorns that farts rainbows are after. Johnny’s only escape from this adventure business is that girl with the Gunblade (who may or may not like him very much.)


Guest Post :

I’m fascinated with history. We literally tell stories of the past from the pieces we are given. We question what is real and what is fiction based on the pieces we are given. What kind of person was William Shakespeare? Was Jesus real? Was Tutankhamen as strange as he seems? Or was there more to the story than we realized? With history there are many interpretations, fascinating facts and all in all we can retell our tales of history and debate each other until the end of time.
History didn’t have the smart phone however. They didn’t have the cloud. They didn’t have computers that have piles and piles of data recording everything over and over again. More than any other time, we literally have a footprint of our existence from beginning to end if you were born after 2000. So unlike the previous examples, history may not be the telling the tale of events, but of people.
This was the idea that spawned my novel. What if you found a lost storage system, and in it, contained all the knowledge and stories up to a certain point in history? What treasures would you find there, and in so doing, what would you learn about you? For all the craziness of killer cupcakes, spam bots and zombie mobsters, there is the key concept. You find this incredible world of information, what do you do with it?
Johnny, Gunblade and company are about to embark on that journey in my novel. I imagine what our descendants will have an easier time finding our adventures. I imagine our firewalls will be something considered cute or ancient or maudlin. Something that grandpa did that was kind of cool, but something we’ve learned to evolve past.
Once we’re found, then what?
My opinion? Fiction and history will merge. It doesn’t matter what kind of book writers write, the best stories are about people living through things. Sometimes we are heroes, sometimes we are villains, but we live regardless. No one is perfect, and more and more as time goes on, our flaws are out there for all to see and hear.
What an opportunity we have to learn from each other. We have the ability to construct our narrative from beginning to end. Our tweets, pictures, posts, and recordings are shared to the world. Our ability to connect with each other has never been this strong. We can tell our story more than ever any way we choose to.
This thought is the real germ of the Cloud Diver. We have so much digital service and knowledge available to us these days its staggering. Unlike other points in history where information has to be pieced together, our archaeologists will be sifting through sand to find gold. So much knowledge is out there that the challenge will be to filter out the narrative. I think it will be scattered in abundance and hidden in plain sight, much like a lot of the best answers to our problems.
Our battle won’t be with knowledge but in how we construct the story going forward. We will have more pieces to play with. Will we add or subtract things that don’t fit our narrative? Temples book about lenses showed that English historians hid the fact that the ancient Egyptians understood how lenses worked even in ancient times. Bifocals may have been a device used even back then. What did that say about ancient Egypt’s knowledge base? That perhaps they were smarter than even the our more modern, reasoned times? Far simpler is the narrative that our ancient ancestors knew far less and were far more unwise than we are.
Or will we judge more harshly? All our sins are laid bare. I have been cruel to people in the past. I have done some things in the early years of my life that probably make me out to be a deviant. Will I be judged always for my actions then? Or will I be judged for who I was when I walk away? People are going to be looking at all our lives with mirrors of themselves. They will applaud us when we’re at our best. They will hate us when we are at our worst.
I’d be lying if I said I wonder what people will think of me in the future. I may be an arrogant prick saying this, but maybe I’m actually interesting enough that someone will take the time to look at me. Do I want to be the guy that hits on women and only shows off dick pics, or do I actually want to say something profound and do something worthwhile? That quote from Gladiator about what we do echoing in eternity has a lot more gravity with each passing day.
Perhaps that doesn’t really matter. A more disturbing thought passed my mind when I looked past myself. Will we be real to them? We’ll be digitized, two dimensional images frozen in time for all to see. Is that real? Or will someone imagine a story for each person that they care to look at? Or will they even care at all?
I think they’ll care. We tend to meet and connect with people. We have that need, past and future. But I think our images are much more clearer. We’ll be bigger mirrors, bigger characters in the story that is being constructed.
Will we be characters that archeologist imagine knowing more, as they will be more intimate with our knowledge and vulnerabilities than at any other point in history? I can’t help but imagine Commander Laforge in Star Trek fantasizing about a woman so much he created a program to interact with his take on her. It was fascinating, and creepy. Will future historians be as obsessed?
Looking at history will change. There is no doubt that we won’t be going back to the way things were before when we were looking at pyramids or cathedrals. We’ll have images, words, thoughts, hopes, dreams, defeats.
We’ll have facebook.
That’s a depressing thought.
How we look at history will be different. How we learn from it will be different too. I hope the stories we tell will be more sophisticated. Much like comparing the novels of today with the novels from the past. Writers today get into the hearts and minds of characters that much more. The depth and dimension will be explored more. Maybe we’ll be telling new stories going forward. There will be more depth, more debate, more questions. I hope we learn more about ourselves going forward. That I feel is the real secret to history. Understanding where we’ve been. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll learn just a bit more about where we’re going.

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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