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Today I’m on the ‘Speakeasy’ blogtour, organised by RABT Book Tours.
To promote this book I have a Guest Post, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Author PhotoA. M. Dunnewin grew up with a taste for mysteries and thrillers, inherited ever so lovingly from her family. An affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association, A. M.’s own stories cover a wide range of genres that tend to take a dark turn when least expected. With a B.A. in Psychology, she’s a gambler of words, obsessed with chai tea, and addicted to books – everything from classical literature to graphic novels. Other hobbies include art, history, music, equestrianism, and a good classic film. She currently dwells in Northern California.


Synopsis :

Speakeasy CoverThe novella is centered on Eddie Durante, owner of a speakeasy who’s supported by his mobster uncle—the boss of the Durante family. Eddie is a young widower after his family’s rival, the Caprice family, murdered his wife over a territory dispute. After devising a plan that retaliated against four of the rivaling capos, Eddie is left with the daunting task to try and move on. That is, until he’s notified that the Caprices have put a hit man in the speakeasy—and Eddie’s name is on the list. But things take an unexpected turn when Eddie instead starts to find the dead bodies of his relatives, the ones who had helped in the retaliation.
Behind the backdrop of jazz music and glistening flappers, murder after murder begins to unravel as revenge takes center stage, and Eddie soon learns that some secrets can’t be taken to the grave.


Speakeasy Book Banner

Guest Post :

How to Avoid the Rejection Blues

First and foremost, rejection hurts. It will always hurt, no matter what kind of rejection it is—writing, relationships, employment, dogs that won’t let you pet them. However, as someone who has undergone more rejection than she’d like to admit, what has helped me avoid the Rejection Blues is to not take rejection personally.
I know, that is way easier said than done. I mean, this is your story, your art, your baby, and having some stranger come up and just reject your precious creation in a matter of minutes is extremely hard to stomach, especially if you worked months or even years on it. Now, some are better at stomaching the dreaded “NO” more than others. Some have thick skin like armor and can just brush off negativity with a swipe of their hand and a toss of their hair. People like me, though? Well, let’s just say I wear my heart on my sleeve and wonder why it gets stabbed so easily.
However, as someone who took those first years of rejection very bitter sweetly, my advice still remains: don’t take rejection personally. People are sometimes just not going to like your writing, just as you aren’t going to like every book you read. (If you want to feel better, go read the bad reviews left for well known authors. It’ll really put things in perspective.) Don’t see the rejection as “OMG they hate my story, I’m absolutely terrible at this!” but as “my story was not meant for them.” That reader or editor or publisher who just didn’t see the magic in your words won’t see the magic because they weren’t meant to see it. They aren’t your people. And that’s perfectly okay! Besides, you may learn a valuable lesson in the criticism that could help your future works. Maybe you really are too descriptive, or maybe you didn’t make the query catchy. Writing is art, and there are no masters in this. We are all learning as we go. So don’t take rejection personally. Use it as a learning tool, dust yourself off when you fail, and try again, because no one can tell your story like you can. Your readers—your people!—are out there waiting for you. You got this. 🙂

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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