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Today I’m on the ‘Family Business’ blogtour, organised by Random Things Tours.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Mark Eklid Author picIt took until I was 57 to finally fulfil my dream to become a published author but seeing my work in print was far from a new experience.
Sunbeam, my debut novel, was self-published in November 2019 and was followed by Family Business on June 3 this year. Both are fast-moving, plot-twisting contemporary thrillers which use the city of my birth, Sheffield, as their backdrop, though Family Business is also part-set in my current home city, Derby.
My writing background is a career as a newspaper journalist, starting out as a trainee reporter with the South Yorkshire Times in 1984 before, three years later, joining the sports desk of the Derby Telegraph, where I have been ever since.
Most of that time in Derby has been as the newspaper’s cricket writer, a role that brought national recognition in the 2012 and 2013 England and Wales Cricket Board awards. I have also been a contributor for the last nine years to the Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack and have had many articles published in national magazines, annuals and newspapers.
The hefty workload of writing as a profession meant writing for pleasure was largely left on the back burner but changed priorities at work made it possible – essential, even – to pick up the threads of one of the many half-formed novels in my computer files and, this time, see it through to publication.
Sunbeam was the result but it was never the intention to stop there. Family Business was well on the way by the time Sunbeam was published and a third novel, possibly the start of a series, is already well into the planning stage.
I was born in Sheffield and have lived in Derby since 1988 with my partner, Sue. We have two sons.

Synopsis :

Family Business CoverFamily historian Graham Hasselhoff thought there were no skeletons in his cupboard. That is, until the day he met the son he never knew he had.Getting to know Andreas, who is now the boss of a road haulage firm, soon leads him to a trail of arson, beatings, mysterious warnings – and murder. Can his son really be behind this deadly business? Graham has to quickly work out if Andreas is an impetuous eccentric – or a dangerously ruthless criminal.


Excerpt :

The noise jolted him out of his deep sleep with the violence of an explosion. Five mini-explosions. He sat upright with a shocked gasp and attempted to calibrate his addled senses in the unrevealing darkness of an unfamiliar bedroom but could not even be certain if he was suddenly awake or remained locked in the false reality of a panicked dream.
There were the noises again. Five loud bangs. They came from below and this time there was a voice, shouting, demanding.
‘Open the door!’
Graham fumbled on the bedside cabinet for his glasses and tried to focus on the digital figures of the alarm clock. 3:58.
‘Graham! What is it? What’s that noise?’ Janet was sitting up now and had grabbed his arm.
‘I don’t know. It’s the middle of the night.’
What the hell could it be? It sounded like the noise was coming from the front door.
Five more bangs.
‘Open the door! Last chance, open the door!’
‘God, Gray – who is it?’ She was almost hysterical, frantic, frightened.
‘I don’t …Christ, what the …Jeez.’
He shot to his feet and stumbled towards the bedroom light, switching it on and instinctively looking around for anything he could grab as a weapon to defend himself against whoever was announcing themselves with such undisguised threat. He stood blinking, in his baggy t-shirt and loose cotton shorts, moving only in sharp, jerky twitches and feeling like his heart was about to burst out of his throat, struggling to make any sense of this nightmarish awakening.
There was another noise, heavier and louder than the others, a thud against the door which shook the whole house. Two seconds later and there was another.
‘Gray! They’re breaking in! They’re trying to break the door down! They’re coming in for us!’

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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