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Today I’m not on a blogtour, but doing some promotion for ‘Beathan The Brigante’ by Nancy Jardine. I won’t be doing all the ‘talking’ myself, so I’m now giving the floor to the author!

Thank you for inviting me today to share a little about Beathan The Brigante, the 5th book in the highly acclaimed Celtic Fervour Saga Series launched with Ocelot Press on the 20th Aug 2020. Available in e-book and paperback from Amazon, the paperback can also be ordered via bookstores and libraries. It’s also available via KindleUnlimited on Amazon.
Book 5 is set from AD 85-89 and continues the stories of the Brigante warriors from the Hillfort of Garrigill. One of the main characters of Book 5 is Beathan, the baby boy born at the end of the first book of the series. Beathan is prophesied to become a warrior leader who will continue to resist domination by the invading legions of the Roman Empire. Readers of the series will also know that young Beathan, at almost 13 years old, cannot be found after a devastating battle between the Caledonian allies and the legions of the Ancient Roman General Agricola, a confrontation fought in northern Caledonia (Book 3).
Book 5, Beathan The Brigante, relates what happens to Beathan during the following 5 years after his capture, by which time he is on course to be a very interesting young laddie. Beathan means ‘life’ and he really does have quite an eventful life during his early teenage years!
Beathan, we find, also has a unique relationship with the Ancient Roman General Agricola…
When total success in northern Caledonia is at his fingertips, General Agricola is recalled to Rome, his long posting as Governor of Britannia now over. On his way back to Emperor Domitian in Rome, Agricola collects some hostages from Trimontium Roman Fort, one of whom is Beathan of Garrigill. Beathan is dragged in chains to Rome. However, Agricola has his own enemies – assassins abound, though help for Agricola comes from surprising sources.
Beathan spends time enslaved in many different Roman Forts, the main thing keeping him going being his desire to return to his family in northern Caledonia. That is matched by a burning desire to gain vengeance over his detested Roman captors. At Vindolanda Fort, retribution is very sweet.
Devoted readers of the Celtic Fervour Saga Series will recognise repeated themes throughout the five books – leadership, loyalty, courage, honour, various forms of respect and love.
Beathan happens to be my current hero… and I hope you’ll love him too!

If this isn’t already a great reason to pick up this book and find out more, I’ll give you some more information and an excerpt to convince you further!

About the Author :

for Ocelot Blog 1327x 1539Nancy Jardine writes historical fiction, time travel historical adventure and contemporary mysteries. When not writing or researching (a compulsion she can’t give up), she’ll be with her grandchildren, gardening, or reading novels. She loves to interact with her readers when regularly signing/ selling paperback versions of her novels at local Craft Fairs, and at larger event venues. She enjoys presenting author talks and gives formal presentations on her novels, and on Ancient Roman Scotland, to groups large and small.
She’s a member of the Historical Novel Society, the Scottish Association of Writers, the Federation of Writers Scotland, the Romantic Novelists Association and the Alliance of Independent Authors. She’s self-published with Ocelot Press.
You can find her at these places:

Synopsis :

BTB 768x1234AD 85 Roman Empire
How can young Beathan of Garrigill – held hostage by General Agricola and dragged in chains to Rome – escape and wreak vengeance on his enemies?
Torrin is a strong-minded Brigante warrior-woman who forges her own future. She willingly takes care of him in a time of need, but her own plans are paramount.
Agricola’s career is in tatters. Attempts on his life are plentiful, having lost favour with Emperor Domitian. His gods have abandoned him, though assistance comes from a surprising source.
Will Beathan gain his freedom to return to his kin in Caledonia? Will Torrin be by his side? And how will Agricola survive without the emperor’s benevolence?
Beathan the Brigante is the fifth in the bestselling Celtic Fervour series.


Excerpt :

Having arrived at the principia, Commander Secundus ushered Agricola through the inner courtyard and headed for the aedes, the officer’s manner more obsequious than before. “I requested something recently which I now expect to be in situ, sir.”
General Agricola acknowledged the man’s eagerness with a slight nod at the same moment as a squeal rent the air.
“Taranis?” he inquired, looking aside for Gaius to confirm. “Is that what I just heard?”
Worship of many different gods was commonplace in the aedes of any Roman fort, but praising the Celtic god in a screeching howl was highly unusual.
Once into the partition where the noise came from, the scene was not what he expected, and probably not what Commander Secundus expected either judging by the oaths that issued from behind him. An impressive carving dominated the back wall, but the whole effect was marred by the two people hopping around in front of it.
“Stop fussing, Brigante, and get out of here!” The fierce hiss came from a centurion wildly flailing his vine rod.
In response, a young native sucking at fingers that dripped blood onto the floor, was ducking the punishment as he made for the door.
Agricola stared at the native. A little taller than himself, he watched a flicker of recognition cross the young warrior’s gaze. “Brigante?” he asked.
When no answer came quickly enough, the centurion whacked at the youth’s spine.
“Aye.” The mumble was barely discernible, but the warrior’s head rose the tiniest bit, profound resentment pursing the lad’s lips.
“I remember you at our Durno encampment.” He leaned towards him. “Though, I can see that you have still not learned to school that defiant expression.”
His next words were for the centurion. “Why is this Brigante hostage in the aedes?”
He could not miss the tiniest straining at the centurion’s neck, the man clearly not pleased with the timing of the incident. “We were raising the eagle onto its plinth, sir.”
“Centurion Barrus. Get that Brigante out of here!” Commander Secundus ordered.
Secundus was furious, though Agricola had yet to work out why. He held up his palm to countermand the order. “Wait! Not before this – Brigante – learns how to properly praise our emblem. This hostage also needs to learn how to give appropriate praise to his own supreme god Taranis, in this sanctuary.”
He turned to the young warrior, his words in the language of the tribes. “This is a place of quiet worship. You, on the other hand, were not observing that. Explain!”
The Brigante youth faced him, though a response was lacking. The set to the jaw was even more pronounced. Something stirred inside him, something about the arrogance and stupidity of youth, since the young warrior knew exactly who he was. Though, perhaps the Brigante had reached a stage where he cared no longer about what his fate might be?
The blood flow from the hostage’s fingers was less than before, but the drips continued to mar the clean floor beneath him. Yet, however painful, the Brigante allowed no sign of the injuries to show across his features.
Addressing the centurion, he indicated the damaged hand. “How did that occur?”
“He trapped his fingers under the carving, sir.”
A flicker of protest flashed across the Brigante’s countenance, though the youth said nothing.
He turned to Commander Secundus. “Have this Brigante assigned to my personal staff. The obedience of a household slave will be drilled into him.”

Wasn’t this compelling?! Happy reading everyone and thanks, Nancy Jardine for being my guest.

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