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Today I’m on the ‘Twisted Beauty’ blogtour, organised by Love Books Tour.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

imagesKristen Flood is an Adult Romance and YA science fiction author and poet. At twenty-two, Kristen published her first book, The Museum: A Collection of Dark Poetry. Since she has released two more books. Her third book, Twisted Beauty, is awaiting its sequel this Winter. Kristen lives in Missouri with her husband, son, and newborn baby girl. When she’s not writing or chasing her toddler she spends her time playing board games, sword fighting and planning her next adventure. Kristen plans to release two more books in 2021.

Synopsis :

Once the powerful prince of Renol, William is a shell of the man he once was. Living under the curse of a powerful witch, William has spent 100 years making deals on her behalf and mourning the loss of his first love.
Belle has spent her life confined within the limits of her city, Paylor, and is now bound to a man she does not love. When she dares to venture outside the city’s gates in search of something she’s lost, she finds more than she ever expected.
As Belle and William embark on a journey of love and mourning, passion and forgiveness, they discover that sometimes what we lose isn’t as important as what we find.

This book is recommended for mature audiences and features adult content such as sex, language, and violence. 


Excerpt :

“The forest is so beautiful in real life.” In all the books she had ever read, not one of the dusty pages had ever described just how large the base of the trees were. Belle etched her fingers over the rough bark and felt the ridges. She veered right towards the sound of a stream. It had been years since she had seen running water- she slid down a small hill and touched her fingers to the cool water; fish skidded beneath her, making ripples. The sun soaked down upon her, and it took all her strength not to stay in its warm arms forever. She had to find what she came for. She reluctantly climbed back up the dirt hill and into the forest. Paying close attention for snakes, Belle began to comb the ground in search for a shimmer of gold.
“What are you doing?”
Belle unable to mask her shock, jumped up to face the man in front of her. His golden brown eyes reminded her of the darkest night sky. His hair was the color of the coal her mother used to put beneath the hearth. His black shirt perfectly sculpted his defined figure.
“I asked you a question.” His voice was slow like venom.
“Oh.” Belle smiled shyly. “I’m looking for something.”
He did not smile back; his thin frame remained rigid. “Are you here to make a deal?”
“Uh… No.” She could not help but take a few nervous steps back. “I’m just looking for a special something.”
“This is the witch Selerium’s forest. You are either here to make a deal or you are lost.”
“Does the witch own the whole forest?” Belle assessed the man quickly. She noted the silver hilt of a sword and a few daggers in his belt. She wondered if she could outrun him.
“You don’t know where the witch’s boundaries are?” He stepped closer refilling the gap she had made between them.
“No… I don’t get out much.” She shivered slightly as he reached for the hilt of his dagger. She held her breath as he pulled the blade out and watched as he carved an “X” into the tree next to her.

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