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Mad Hatter Vampire Prince Blog Tour

Today I’m on the ‘Mad Hatter Vampire Prince’ blogtour, organised by Psst… Promotions & Let’s Talk Promos.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Kia Carrington-Russell Author PicKia Carrington-Russell grew up in the Darling Downs Region in Queensland, Australia. Originally, she pursued a career in freelance journalism, before giving into her passion for writing fiction in 2014.
Announced “The Best New Author of 2015” by AusRomToday, Carrington-Russell has received numerous awards and acclaim.
Learn more about Kia at www.kiacarrington-russell.com and follow her at Instagram or Twitter.

Synopsis :


Kyran Klaus is the prince of Grand Klaus, his reputation honoring him the title of the Mad Hatter Vampire Prince. Crazy, deadly, lustful, and utterly bored with life.
Sasha Pierce is one of a kind. Having been experimented on by her mother as a child, she’s become a human weapon who’s looking for answers beyond the walls where her kind aren’t enslaved to vampires.
When the Mad Hatter Prince takes a sudden interest in Sasha and her work, she scarcely begins to cover her tracks and hide her secrets. What she doesn’t anticipate is being a pawn in his most sinister performance yet.

Disturbingly Wicked! This novella is not for the fainthearted. Lust, Gore, Wit, and Malicious Humor. Prepare to be deliciously tainted.


Excerpt :

“How is it that I’ve been gone for only four days and yet,” my brother said as way of entering the room and flicking my inclined feet off the edge of the armchair in our reading room. “You cause so much mayhem. Look at this room, show some restraint.”
“Come now, Amell, don’t be such a sourpuss,” I said dropping the girl’s bloody wrist from my face. I was sprawled out in our reading room. It was decorated with wooden and polished furniture and a black marble fireplace. It was where Amell often read books and I would from time to time pester him.
This time, instead of walking into his peaceful and boring space, he was greeted by three women and two men near unconscious from blood loss and well, perhaps I was a bit messy. Fresh blood stained the furniture and seeped through the lush white carpet. In my defense, the fire still crackled untouched and that was the only descent feature in this room. I was doing him a favor. “Take a seat, I’ve missed you.”

Giveaway :

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