#BlogTour #RandomThingsTours @RandomTTours / #PromoPost : Fearless – Frazer Lee @frazer_lee @FlameTreePress

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Today I’m on the ‘Fearless’ blogtour, organised by Random Things Tours.
To promote this book I have some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Frazer Lee Author PicFrazer Lee is a novelist, screenwriter, and filmmaker whose debut novel The Lamplighters was a Bram Stoker Award® Finalist. His film credits include the acclaimed feature film Panic Button. Frazer resides with his family in Buckinghamshire, just across the cemetery from the reallife Hammer House of Horror.


Synopsis :

Greyfriars Reformatory CoverNineteen year-old Emily’s acute dissociative disorder causes her to be institutionalised – again – at Greyfriars Reformatory For Girls. Caught in the crossfire between brutal Principal Quick and cruel bully Saffron Chassay, Emily befriends fellow outcast Victoria. When the terrifying apparition of the mysterious ‘Grey Girl’ begins scaring the inmates to death, Emily’s disorder may be the one thing that can save her.


The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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