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Today I’m on the ‘The Village’ blogtour, organised by Love Books Tour.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

51kslFYK4qL._US230_Phil Duke was born in Liverpool, England in 1953. Lucky enough to go to a great school, Alsop High, and have great teachers, Phil subsequently went to Cambridge University where he read archaeology. Having obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Calgary he then spent twenty nine years as a professor of anthropology at a liberal arts college in Colorado (Fort Lewis) before retiring to Crete with Donna, his wife, and their two dogs. Phil is a very proud Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.
Donna and he returned to the States in 2015 and they now live on five acres a few miles south of Durango in southwest Colorado.
A Terrible Unrest was his first novel and his second novel “The Village. A Novel of Wartime Crete” has recently been published.

Synopsis :

51jfJFFfPyL._SY346_ (2)A Cretan village confronts the Nazi juggernaut sweeping across Europe. A village matriarch tries to hold her family together…Her grieving son finds a new life in the Cretan ResistanceA naive English soldier unwillingly finds the warrior in himselfAnd a fanatical German paratrooper is forced to question everything he thought he believed in. The lives of four ordinary people are irrevocably entwined and their destinies changed forever as each of them confronts the horrors of war and its echoes down the decades.


Excerpt :

Streams of water cascaded off the houses into the alleys and coursed down the streets, cutting deep gullies in their hungry search for the sea, as though the village itself was dying from a thousand slashes. Harsh winds continued to hurl in from the mountains, roaring down the valleys and gullies, and blowing away everything that was not tied down. Sheet lightning flashed over the sea, now barely distinguishable from the pall of clouds embrowning everything. Thunder rocked the very foundations of the house. A violent gust of wind coughed down the chimney and the smoke from the fire petulantly kicked back into the living room for a moment but then, as though remembering where it needed to be, continued on its course up the chimney.
Anastasia turned to the sound of footsteps followed by a slither as someone slipped in the mud outside. The heavy wooden door was thrown open and her husband, Antoni, stormed inside, water falling in large globules from his clothes.
He was followed by the source of the slithering, Yianni, his clothing covered in thick mud. Anastasia stifled a laugh. ‘Take this, Husband, and you, too, Yianni,’ she ordered, and threw two rough cloths at them. The men stripped down in front of the fire, the steam rising from their bodies and the rain dripping onto the hard earthen floor to create little craters of mud. Anastasia averted her gaze as they pulled off their trousers; she had never seen a man naked, not even her husband, and she did not intend to start now. Retrieving dry clothes from the other end of the house, Anastasia handed them over and at last they grunted that she could face back to them.

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