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Today I’m on the ‘Faith in Him’ blogtour, organised by Booktamins.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Julia FirlotteJulia Firlotte loves writing gripping stories about strong alphas with big hearts and the heroines who fall for them. Angst and passion, trust and intrigue are fundamental to all of the love stories Julia writes, so regardless of how her characters misbehave, you’ll definitely want to keep reading about them.
Julia has been reading romance novels since she was a teenager and started writing her own in 2018. She has lots of stories in her head, but never enough time to write them all. Julia believes strongly in making her character’s worlds as real as possible and there are many character insights on her website if you’d like to learn more about them.
Julia lives in Southern England with her husband, son and daughter and their five cats and would love to meet you on social media.


Synopsis :

Title: Faith in Him (Falling For You book 2)
Genres: Romance, Suspense
Publication Date: 7th December 2020
Pages: 336

Faith in Him_CoverAdam’s deepest wounds are abandonment and betrayal. He’s spent years searching for that special someone who can fill his desolate world with love and trust. He thought he’d found her once, but instead got dragged into a dangerous criminal underworld that tore his wounds wide open and left him broken.
But like he falls in love, Adam fights back hard and fast against the darkness that surrounds him. Fidelity, bravery, and integrity become his values, and he’s sticking to them. That is until he meets Ella, the tender-hearted soul mate he’s yearned for. Now suddenly there’s more at risk than just himself.
Adam’s an all or nothing kind of guy. How far will he go to keep Ella safe? And will Ella have enough faith in him to love him anyway?

This is the second novel in the Falling For You trilogy and ends in a HFN conclusion.

Trigger warning: abduction, mention of mild sexual assault

Purchase Link:
Amazon US
Amazon UK

Excerpt :

The blood drains from my face. What little love I still felt for this woman seeps from me just
like the last rays of sun are swept from the yard, the twilight glowing like an orange veil over a lamp. Is she still high? Why would she say that? I’ve done nothing but care for her and try to get her clean. I guess she didn’t want my help. Juan looks at me briefly and then back at Rita, all but ignoring her accusation.
“The gringo doesn’t know shit! Antonio still stole it; he knew the price of interfering with Discípulos business!”
Although I don’t understand his reference to Discípulos, I let Juan’s insult of ‘foreigner’ wash over me, writing it off as a result of stress, and instead I focus on what’s more important right now, like the gun aimed at my girlfriend’s head.
“Juan, listen hermano, just put the gun down and we can sort everything out.”
“I am not your hermano, Adam!” he roars at me, but his eyes stay focused in front of him.
He’d always been the one to call me ‘brother’, so the rejection stings.
“Just put the gun…” I don’t get to finish my sentence. Seeing me start to approach Juan, his half-brother Carlos comes up behind me, clamping his arms hard around my chest.
“Stay out of this, Adam,” he demands close to my ear, and holds me still while Rita and Juan continue to argue.
“It was him!” Rita screams, tears on her face as she angles herself protectively in front of Antonio. She’s still pointing a finger at me. “He only told Antonio because he wanted him to get caught! Juan, Adam wants you to kill Antonio! Adam found us fucking and was jealous! This is his payback!”
My mouth drops open and I sag momentarily in Carlos’ grip.
“What the hell are you talking about, Rita? I told Antonio about the avocados my father is importing so he could steal them? That’s bullshit and makes no sense!” I exclaim, my heart rate suddenly thumping. Her lover’s stolen a valuable shipment and she’s trying to make out like I helped him?
Carlos’ arms tighten with surprising strength for a guy shorter than me as he hears the anger building in my voice.
“Easy, Adam,” he urges me.
“You see? He knows nada!” Juan laughs at my expense and flicks his free hand outward from his forehead, indicating I have nothing between my ears. “I’ve been close to him for months and the gringo is a fool!”
What the hell is he talking about?
“This gringo,” I spit the word at Juan, noting how hurt I feel after considering this man a friend, before facing Rita, “is here to try and save your cheating ass, Rita, and your fucking lover’s ass, too! Why would you try to set me up for doing it?”
Christ, I can’t believe her!
Was this what our whole relationship was about? Has she been seeing Antonio behind my back the whole time and looking for a way for him to steal the produce for some big bucks while pinning the blame on me?
“Juan, she’s high. Don’t listen to her.” I try and reason with Juan, hoping he’ll see sense.
“She’s what?” her father Emmanuel snarls then, rapidly reaching my side and swinging my shoulder back so I face him. Carlos sidesteps with me to keep his hold on me. “She’s high on cocaine again?”
I’ve never seen such rage in a man’s eyes. Wrath, fury, and venom emanate from him like a forcefield, his eyes burning amber in the light of the setting sun. Rita’s statement from a few weeks ago suddenly rings more true and dread seeps up from my gut, draining the color out of my face. He spins to face Juan.
“She is no daughter of mine. Matarles!” Juan takes a momentary step back and then glares at me.
Rita starts screaming, “Papa! Papa! No. No!”
I’m struck dumb, not understanding the instruction, although I can guess. Then Juan aims his gun and fires.
I swear my heart stops and I jolt as the round discharges, loosening Carlos’ grip on me just as Rita screams, a heart-wrenching cry that tears at my soul. Antonio lies lifeless on the floor, a small red circle in the center of his forehead and his eyes open, but no longer seeing.
I lunge forward for Juan, breaking free from Carlos, only to be gripped hard by Emmanuel as he clasps his hand around my wrist.
“No, no, stop! Juan, don’t!” I shout, wrenching my arm from his grip. All my struggles cease as Juan fires again mere inches from my reach.
Rita doesn’t scream again.
What was a rusty orange sky now bleeds red as the sun finally sets.
That was the day I stopped believing in God. The day I stopped trusting what women told me. The day I became alone once more.

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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