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Today I’m on the ‘Path of Treasures’ sale blitz, organised by RABT Book Tours.
To promote this book is on sale for only $0.99 until January 1st I have some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Path of Treasures Author Gail MeathGail Meath composes historical romance novels that grip your heart and imagination. With a refreshing and captivating writing-style, she creates amazing characters who instantly draw you into their world and keep you wanting more, long after the ending. And with her love of historical research, she paints the perfect ambiance to sweep you back in time.


Synopsis :

Path of TreasuresHe was hired to kill her, but he’s not alone. Will he risk his life to save her instead?
Sara grew up on the Erie Canal with Jeremiah Streeter, owner of Streeter’s Ark, and Sam, the Ark’s bully. She never cared about who her parents were or where she came from, not until their helmsman is murdered and they hire a replacement.
Wolfe McKay and his partner have another job to do…kill the leader of the Canaller’s Coalition and his crew, then collect their bounty from the railroad magnate who hired them. But Wolfe soon discovers this job is far more complicated.
As Streeter’s Ark travels from Albany to Buffalo, Wolfe’s purpose takes a drastic turn when he and the crew find themselves the target of a deadly plot and a race against time to stop it.
A beautiful mule driver, the champion fighter who raised her, a half-breed Indian without a heart and an easy-going cowboy team up to track down outlaws and notoriously become known as Streeter’s Gang. This is their beginning…


On Sale for only $0.99 until January 1st

Path of Treasures on sale

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

Sale Blitz Organized By:


RABT Book Tours

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