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Today I’m on the ‘Forgotten Lives’ blogtour, organized by Damppebbles Blog Tour.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Ray Britain - Damp Pebbles Tour copyRay Britain’s second novel ‘Forgotten Lives’ follows closely on from ‘The Last Thread’ (2017) with a new investigation for DCI Doug Stirling, the toughest of his career.
As a police Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) Ray led specialist investigations. He was also a Hostage & Crisis Intervention Negotiator – a voluntary role – responding to hostage situations, many firearms incidents and numerous suicide interventions, not all of which ended happily. His roles took him to the USA, India, Europe, Australia and elsewhere, receiving Commendations in recognition for his work.
Ray’s real-world experience puts the reader at the heart of a complex, fast moving investigation with all of its uncertainties, stresses and frustrations, and of the dark, bitter sadness’s of people’s lives.
Ray also worked with the Serious Fraud Office and the Home Office, London, and with the City of London Police’s Economic Crime Directorate.
When not writing, Ray might be found mountain hiking, following rugby, skiing, reading, sailing, or generally keeping fit.

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Synopsis :

dfw-rb-fl-cover-ebookA man is murdered with quiet efficiency on his doorstep. A strange emblem left behind suggests a gang killing but when more bodies are found with the same emblem, and one of them a cop, DCI Doug Stirling’s investigation takes a sinister turn.
But what linked the victims in life, and now in death?
When more deaths are uncovered, miles away and years apart, but all with the same emblem left behind, pressure mounts on Stirling. Is it the work of the same person? If so, why are they killing again, and why here? One thing is clear. The killer is highly skilled, ruthless, and always one step ahead of the investigation. Is someone feeding information to them?
Working in a crippling heatwave with too few investigators, too many questions and not enough answers, when wild media speculation of a vigilante at work sparks copycat attacks, demonstrations for justice and with politicians fearing riots, Stirling needs a result – fast!
Meanwhile, Stirling’s private life is falling apart, not helped when Lena Novak of the National Crime Agency is assigned to his team. But is she all that she seems? Things could not get worse. Stirling takes a call from a retired cop. Things just got worse!
As Stirling closes in on the killer he finds the killer’s trademark inside his home – he is being targeted.

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Publishing Information:
Published in paperback and digital format on 10th January 2021.

Excerpt :

Stirling & Doyle at a crime scene

As he followed Doyle and Hardy upstairs, Stirling was struck by a quiet hush throughout the building broken only by occasional radio transmissions rising from the hallway below that receded as they climbed; thin carpeting muffled plastic over-shoes, every step marked by the rhythmic brushing of legs enclosed in forensic coveralls. Behind him, the second SOCO carried a video and cameras. No one spoke.
From the first floor landing a narrower staircase led up to a smaller landing with a single door. Stirling thought it might have been servant’s quarters in the first iteration of the building’s story. At the door, Hardy turned and gave Stirling and Doyle a critical once-over to be sure they were suitably covered to prevent contamination of the scene before leading the way inside.
Hardy’s description had been accurate. The door opened straight into a small living room where a two-seater settee and a beaten armchair competed for space with a cheap wooden coffee table positioned in front of an old TV. On the table stood a half-empty mug of coffee, the debris of a Chinese take-away and some junk mail. On the corner nearest the armchair Carson’s pocket notebook lay open, a pen resting along its stapled binding. Under the table the unattached end of a power cable snaked away over dirty carpet into a shadow where it was plugged into a cracked wall socket.
Standing astride two of the aluminium stepping plates strung across the floor to compel direction of travel, Stirling studied the room to know its occupant, concluding that Carson had either not enough money to spend on possessions, or had not cared for home comforts. Or both. A general untidiness and need of a good clean looked and smelt of a man living alone. Lying directly under the roof, the room was still warm from the previous day. Strained through a grimy roof light, a squared bar of sunlight anchored to the floor was filled with dust that eddied and swirled under the impulse of their movements.
Other than for their breathing, the room was still and oppressively warm, heightening the stink of death stealing insidiously across the room from a half-open pinewood door. Noticing Hardy’s eyes above her mask watching him, waiting for his cue, Stirling gave her a nod to continue. Hardy pointed at the half-open door.
‘He’s in there but it’s a bit tight with the bed as well, so be careful where you step. The window’s shut in there too, so it doesn’t smell good.’
Stirling followed Hardy across the plates into the bedroom and edged his way sideways between the wall and a double bed which occupied most of the available space until he could turn to get a clear look at the back of the door. Doyle edged in to stand beside him. When she turned to look at the body, the thin mask sucked inwards as she gasped.

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