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Today I’m on the ‘Awakening’ blogtour, organized by Pump Up Your Book.
To promote this book I have a guest post, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Kevin D. Miller is an attorney in Southern California who spends his two hour commute listening to Science Fiction and Fantasy books on Audible or dreaming up plots for future book ideas. When he isn’t working, Kevin can be found spending time with his girlfriend Amy, and their two dogs Pepper and Riley or hiking and kayaking in Big Bear.


Synopsis :

Title: Awakening (Book One of the Berserker Chronicles)
Author: Kevin D. Miller
Publisher: BiFrost Books
Pages: 336
Genre: High Fantasy / Epic Fantasy / Action and Adventure / Norse Fantasy / Viking Fantasy / Norse Gods and Goddesses

Harness the power that has awakened within.
A megalomaniac god is pursuing a millennia-old vendetta, and Leif must learn to wrangle a newly awakened power to either become a hero or a villain. He will leave his old life and run from creatures he believed were reserved for myth and legend. He travels across the realms while struggling to tame the blinding rage that comes with his new demi-god like power. Will Leif survive the intra-realm quest and prevent Ragnarok or will he fail to control his awakening?


Guest Post :

The Joy of Building the Realms

One of the many joys of being a writer is the ability to build expansive worlds that our readers get to explore as they tag along with the story’s main character. I, myself have loved running along the streets of Chicago with Harry Dresden in Jim Butcher’s, The Dresden Files and watched as Minalan the Spellmonger fought the forces of darkness in The Spellmonger Series by Terry Mancour. These and many other authors skillfully crafted massive and immersive worlds of wonder that we as readers get to experience first hand. It was from these masters of the art that I took my cue when writing Awakening. With the main character Leif needing to traverse many of the nine realms from Norse mythology. I wanted to create awe inspiring realms that my readers, long after they finished Awakening found themselves thinking about the natural splendor of the forest city of Karcoa or the alien beauty of Helheim. I want them to wish they could travel back to the Svartalfar capital city of Mykheim to stare out over the architectural marvel of the city. Because that’s exactly what I do for those books and movies I love.
It was through a little trick I discovered In the early stages of developing my story that I was able to create the immersive realms that Leif had to travel through. I would close my eyes, turn up my music and just imagine myself as Leif walking through these alien realms. Picturing in my minds eye what it must have been like to see Karcoa and its massive trees for the first time or the untold mysteries of the forest realm of Alfhiem. It was one of my favorite past times in the early days. I would just close my eyes and explore the realms with Leif for hours. It is an easy trick to learn and I would recommend for ever Sci/fi and fantasy author to give it a try for when writing. Who knows what you may find while exploring. And even if you aren’t an author but just someone who enjoys reading. I would say give it a try with your favorite story, I promise you will have fun.

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