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Today I’m on the ‘The Colour of Hope’ blogtour, organized by Kenyon Author Services Blog Tours.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Jen has been in love with language for as long as she can remember. A former Foyle Young Poet of the Year, her poetry has appeared in national and international journals and anthologies. The Colour of Hope is her debut collection. Jen is a bookworm with a love of baking, conversation that makes your brain fizz and really good cheese. She lives by the sea in Essex with her husband and two young children.


Synopsis :

The Colour Of Hope is a poetry collection with happiness at its heart. The 45 poems inside were created during the first lockdown in the UK, at a time when finding beauty and comfort in the everyday seemed at once fraught with difficulty and vitally important. Each was written for a specific recipient, based on three things they guaranteed would make them feel happy. I received a wonderful range of briefs. From the beautifully universal – a longing for nature and freedom, time spent with family, summers spent in other lands – to the gloriously specific – snaffling a Toffee Crisp from the fridge late at night, Fleetwood Mac songs, making the perfect scrambled eggs, and Ceilidh dancing. The result is a collection of poems that serves both as a record of this intense and intensely strange year, and as an uplifting reading experience that will connect and resonate with a much wider audience than the individuals they were initially written for.
2020 will be one for the history books, a year that has created emergencies on many fronts, not least the emotional. 60% of adults, and 68% of young people in the UK reported a decline in their mental health during lockdown. As such, 20% from the sale of this book will be donated to Mind, to help provide a bit of light in these uncertain times.

Signed copies

Excerpt :

For Claire

The birds came back weeks ago
but now, as the trees remember
who they are – putting on green
and petalled coats – it’s my turn to take wing.

I’m greedy for the light of other lands.
The way romance is painted into far horizons
with long, gilded brushstrokes.
Let me soar above and breathe it all in,
just for a little while.

Paris’s antique gold,
its full-skirted lovers twirling
together like falling flowers
along the Boulevard Saint Germain.

The hot, unabashed blue
of the Maldives –
colour that soaks your skin;
that leaves you stunned
and smelling of salt and jasmine.

And, oh, Venice. The old city’s jewelled slumber
under pale sorbet skies,
glinting blue ribbons threaded
through a patchwork of terracotta and church bells.

When my soul is quenched,
I’ll return, as certain as any swallow.
To sunshine-warmed sheets
where Coco purrs. Freshly cut grass.
The sound of your laughter in the kitchen.

For Jo

I hope the new normal is malleable,
a future we can shape in our hands:
wet clay and moth-wing gold.

I hope that our tomorrows are salt-splashed,
echoing with whoops and the happy shock of cold,
wild swimming, when we bob like a family of gulls.

That we move forward craving
months of umami; no longer seek to spin truths
or half-truths from strands of sugar.

Give us a winter with the red bite of kimchi,
a January that stings our lips
with salt and chilli oil. I hope we pen

the last chapters of the novel,
leave the brooding detective open-mouthed
and stuttering. Leave no loose ends, no skeletons.

Not a thing with feathers,
but the loping velvet shadow of a greyhound,
and a sunset as ripe as a cider apple.

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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