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Today I’m on the ‘Innocently Guilty’ blogtour, organized by Random Things Tours.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Ashling Bourke spent most of her childhood growing up in Malawi which is a central source of inspiration for her debut novel ‘Innocently Guilty’.
She now lives in Scotland and is studying at university whilst developing her debut novel into a series.


Synopsis :

• Publisher : The Conrad Press (15 Feb. 2021)
• Language : English
• Paperback : 176 pages
• ISBN-10 : 1913567540
• ISBN-13 : 978-1913567545

‘Innocently Guilty’ is a highly engaging and extremely entertaining first novel full of intriguing characters, international adventure, love and passion, secrets and a chilling mystery at its core. Lottie and Emily are best friends, who want more than anything to have the perfect boyfriend but when a boy is found dead and all eyes are on Lottie, an African adventure awaits that unexpectedly reveals the answers she seeks. This was so not part of the plan.


Excerpt :

Party invites

It was a Sunday night, and we had some major party planning to do for Nicole’s Sweet Sixteenth which was less than two weeks away.
‘How about a Black and White theme?’ Nicole suggested.
‘Ohhh that sounds classy,’ I replied.
‘Check out this template I found for the invitations, it’ll look even better with the Black and White theme too!’ Emily said excitedly.
Nicole and I gathered around her iMac to see Emily’s template of a black rectangle which looked like white fairy dust falling towards the invitation details.
‘Hhmm… It needs something more… Can I have the mouse for a second, Emily?’ I asked.
‘Sure, go ahead.’
I brought out the colour toolbox feature and played around until I found a golden bronze colour.
‘What do you think?’
‘That looks so cool, Lottie! Thank you, people will definitely want to come now!’ Nicole squealed with excitement.
‘Aw what are best friends for!’
I hugged her whilst Emily pressed command s to save the file.
‘Nicole, did you talk to your parents?’ I asked.
‘Yeah, it took some convincing, but they said they trust me. So, they’ve rented a cottage for the weekend and they’ll take my little brother with them too. So, no parents allowed,’ Nicole explained.
‘You’re so lucky, Nicole! There’s no way my parents would let me do that,’ Emily sulked.
‘Don’t get me started! Mine would go and “boogie” on the dance-floor, no matter how many times I tell them no one calls it that anymore,’ I replied in disgust.
‘Well, this is our chance to prove them all wrong! I mean what could possibly go wrong?’ Nicole asked.
‘Nothing! Cause you have the two best friends that everyone needs during a party crisis. Isn’t that right, Emily?’ I asked.
‘Definitely! Right, how many of these invitations should I print out then?’
‘Hhmm let’s say a hundred?’ I suggested.
‘What? I told my parents I would just invite our year group around!’ Nicole sounded like she was going to panic.
‘Oh c’mon, Nicole, everyone knows you should always invite triple in case others can’t make it,’ I reassured her.
‘Ok, I just hope they don’t steal or break anything.’ ‘Nah, they won’t. We’ll make sure of it.’
‘Oh, I almost forgot! I got all three of us makeup and hair appointments at Glitter Chic’s straight after school, just before the party starts,’ Nicole said.
‘Oh My Socks! It takes ages to secure an appointment there!’
‘Well, it was my parents’ birthday present for me and how could I possibly say no to that?’ Nicole asked.
‘There’s no way you could,’ Emily added with a smile.
She handed us each a pile of invitations to hand out at school the next day during our free period at 11:00. I was standing outside the school library, waiting for those who were willing to actually study, to hand them an invitation. Several groups of students strolled by until I locked eyes with the one, I was really waiting for… Robbie Wilson. He was in the year above and was so dreamy with his curly “I don’t care” bushy chocolate brown hair and hazel brown eyes. He was super fit too as he was on the swim team. I quickly fixed my hair and struck a pose as I held the party invitations in my hand for them to grab. His friends walked past, most of them ignoring me until Robbie took the invitation out of my hand and said:
‘You’re welcome.’
My first words to Robbie. Once he was out of my sight, I immediately texted the girls.

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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