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Today I’m on the ‘The Last Shadow Knight’ blogtour, organized by Love Books Tour.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Michael Webb lives in Dallas, GA in the United States. He works full time as a purchasing manager for a wholesale distribution company. Recently, he took up writing and fell in love with it. The Last Shadow Knight is his debut work and will soon be joined by books 2 and 3 of the planned trilogy.
Michael has been married for 18 amazing years. His wife is working on her master’s degree in clinical and mental health counseling. He has one son in middle school.
In addition to writing, Michael enjoys exercising, hiking, watching movies, drinking coffee, and traveling.

Synopsis :

shadowknight4On the unforgiving streets of Karad, Veron grows up hungry, inexperienced, and stealing just to survive. After tragedy strikes, he is forced to decide what path his life will take.
Opportunity arises when he discovers the last survivor of a secret organization called the Shadow Knights. Apprenticed to learn their ways, Veron begins to develop abilities he never dreamed he could have.
Meanwhile, an enemy from across the mountains comes to destroy their kingdom’s way of life, and the Shadow Knights are the only ones able to stop him. As Veron fights to survive the city, he prepares to face his destiny.he Shadow Knights are the only ones able to stop him. As Veron fights to survive the city, he prepares to face his destiny.


Excerpt :

Moonlight bounced off the rooftops and spires, creating a glowing veil over the city. Merrick Ryd paced the balcony, waiting. By the end of the night, the King of Feldor would be dead, and he would be the one to kill him.
Merrick appreciated his perch from atop his tower of stone. Lanterns illuminated the stone streets of Felting, and the Felavorre River shimmered in the distance. The bustle of the day had settled to a trickle of people making their way through the city at night. He stood tall, like a ruler surveying his domain, untouchable in his walled fortress.
He looked across the city to the castle. Soon, the king would receive an urgent message. After reading it, the man with more compassion than brains would get in his carriage and ride through the streets to his cousin, the one who would desperately need his help. Merrick and his men would be waiting.
What a fool, he thought with a smirk. He felt at his hip to make sure his sword was there—it always was. Time to begin.
Merrick walked through the open doorway, and a blanket of silence fell over the men inside. A lone candle burned on a table, but the light from the moon outside illuminated the room where eleven men waited. Some worked for him at the Ryd Shipyard. Others had similar business interests. All would willingly give their lives for him. He looked through the crowd, taking his time to lock eyes with each of them.

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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