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Today I’m on the ‘Oakwood Falls’ blogtour, organized by Zooloo’s Book Tours.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Duncan Brockwell is a full-time dental technician from West Sussex. Having completed his course at Lambeth College in 2018, he started writing in his spare time. An avid gardener and part-time mixologist, he loves nothing more than relaxing at home with his wife, Beks and pure white rescue cat, Milly.
Since Duncan started writing in 2018, he has written thirteen novels, nine of which have been, or are in the process of being published. Unlike a lot of authors, Duncan feels he is a hobby writer, toiling away on his purple couch in front of the TV in the evenings and weekends. He wants nothing more than for readers to enjoy his various offerings, ranging from romantic comedy (under pseudonym Katie Simpkins) to hardcore blood and guts horror and everything in between (Under either DC Brockwell or Duncan Brockwell).


Synopsis :

When Mother Nature chose Ashley Oakwood, she made a mistake.
Now it’s time to eradicate that mistake…
From the dawn of mankind, Mother Nature has always known of humans’ destructive ways. To ensure her own survival, she created The Ferralling, a vicious and bloodthirsty breed of creature, who kept humans in check. When The Ferralling became a liability, She destroyed them, deciding to put her survival in the hands of only the most deserving humans. These chosen ones She calls The Reclaimed.
The only human to be born of the Earth, Ashley Oakwood has powers beyond that of The Reclaimed. A kind and generous young woman, who wants nothing more than to belong, Ashley watches humans from afar, until she meets James, the man of her dreams. When he rejects her, he sets in motion a chain of events that pits humans against The Reclaimed, The last of The Ferralling, and Mother Nature Herself.
Who will emerge victorious from this brutal and bloody battle?


Excerpt :

Alan put his hand over her mouth harder, squeezing her cheeks, his fingertips digging into her flesh. “Shut up! Stop making noise, or I swear to Christ I’m going to snap your neck, you stupid bitch!” His voice held anger.
She squirmed on his lap, her legs spread, and her maternity dress drenched.
Carrie stared up at him with accusatory eyes. Was she trying to make him think about what he was doing? He didn’t even want a child; it wouldn’t bother him if they both died. “Shut up! They’re only over there.”
When the voices calling his name grew in volume, he brought Carrie’s head closer to him and gripped her tight under his arm.
She cried out in pain, her skin wet to his touch.
“I mean it; I’ll snap your neck like a twig. One more sound, I swear.” He squeezed her throat tighter, trying to silence her.
Carrie writhed on him, trying to yell out.
When he tensed his bicep, something moved against his leg. “What the hell was that?” He searched the earth around him.
Tensing his arm again, hearing her moan, a branch wrapped itself around his ankle. He tried to move his leg, but he couldn’t.
Moving his other leg, he couldn’t believe what he saw when an arm from a bush next to the tree flew at his other ankle and grabbed it. “What? Let go!” He wriggled, still holding Carrie’s neck.
A rough, bark covered tree arm brushed against his throat before coiling itself around him, squeezing his windpipe. Alan instinctively let go of Carrie. “Please, I didn’t…mean…to.”
With his arms free, he tried to unfurl the branch around his throat.
The situation didn’t compute for him. It went against the laws of physics. There had to be a reason why this was happening to him. Had to be.
The branches attached to his ankles pulled him five feet along the earth.
Alan couldn’t breathe. “Help!” He tried shouting, desperate to escape, clutching at life as best he could.
From deep within the earth below, a damp root emerged with five tentacle-like fingers. It latched onto his left hand and stretched his arm as far as it would go.

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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