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Today I’m on the ‘Secret Mage’ blogtour, organized by Zooloo’s Book Tours.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Rebecca Jaycox grew up in the tiny town of Berryman, which borders the Mark Twain National Forest and the Courtois River about 70 miles south of St. Louis. The beautiful landscape fed her imagination, and she began writing stories at age 10 and never stopped. Always seeking adventure, Rebecca moved to France after she graduated college with a journalism degree to teach English at a French high school. Bitten by the travel bug, she has recently visited Italy, Greece, Austria, Spain, and finally made it to her bucket-list destination of Istanbul last summer. Rebecca now lives in New York City with her husband, Gregory. She enjoys reading and writing fantasy, urban fantasy, steampunk, and science fiction.


Synopsis :

Some secrets are too deadly to keep, some bloodlines too powerful to contain …
Reggie Lang might only be seventeen, but she’s had to grow up fast. Losing a father as a baby made things hard enough, but when her mom turned to alcohol for refuge, Reggie had to hold things together. She still does. If only she could escape it all …
When the other kids at school start calling her a freak, things only get tougher. What’s worse, she worries they’re right. Reggie shouldn’t be able to bring dead creatures back to life but somehow she can? If it wasn’t for her ride-or-die best friend, she’d have completely lost it by now.
When a mysterious man invades Reggie’s dreams, is it just another sign that she’s falling apart? He claims he’s her guardian – that he’s from another world. He tells her that her father’s killer is there …
… and that now an evil mage is gunning for her, destroying anything in his way.
Reggie’s always wanted to escape her life, but not like this. Does she really have to run to protect the people she loves? Who will take care of her mom? The man in her dreams says he’ll teach her about magic and protect her. That he’ll send someone he trusts to collect her. That her blood makes her powerful. It’s a hard choice, but ultimately protecting her mom is worth anything.
The magic-saturated world she discovers might be full of wonders, but the horrors are worse than she could have imagined. Can the man sent to guide her really protect her, or is the sign of his slavery an omen of what will happen to her?
Reggie will be pushed to her limits as she attempts her treacherous journey, struggling to adapt to a strange new world and learning to wield her powers. The Dark Mage isn’t easily evaded. He rules this world with a bloody fist. Because it’s blood he’s after—Reggie’s blood. And avoiding capture might just be the toughest thing Reggie has ever faced.


Excerpt :

Chapter 1

“Did anyone ever tell you that you’re a cliché?” seventeen-year-old Reggie Lang asked. She was hunched in an antique, high-backed chair. Her chestnut hair spilled over her shoulders, her splattering of freckles barely visible in the firelight.
“Am I?” The man on the other side of the hearth stretched his long legs out toward the fire. A scar puckered his right cheekbone, slanting down to the sharp blade of his nose.
Reggie took in his tough leather boots and duster. “The Hell’s Angels called. They want their motorcycle back.” His rough exterior stood at odds with the delicate furniture and pink-veined marble fireplace.
He laughed. “Hell’s Angels? Never heard that before.”
“Really? The leather look of doom isn’t deliberate?”
He tugged at his coat, designed for function, not fashion. The light from the fire picked out grooves and scrapes that pitted the hide. “It’s for protection.”
“From what? Don’t tell me you’re a rebel with a cause.”
His amusement faded. “I have a very important cause. And you’re a key part of it.”
With wariness in her large brown eyes, Reggie wrapped her arms around her knees.
“I’m a key part of your cause? Does this mean you’re finally going to tell me what I’m doing here? These little chitchats are getting on my nerves. Tell me what you want from me or leave me alone.” Three nights now, they’d been meeting, and he refused to give his name or any answers.
“I’m here to help with the changes you’re going through. To help you understand your place.”
“My place? Who are you to tell me about my place? For all I know, you’re just some pervert who gets off by harassing teenage girls,” Reggie said, pushing herself to her feet.
“I’m not a pervert. Never accuse me of such things again.” His anger surprised her.
Reggie’s eyes narrowed as she searched his, but she found no signs of a lie. She sank back down into the chair. “Sorry, I have to watch out for myself.”
“Understood. Now, would you like to know what changes I’m talking about?”
“Stop jerking my chain and tell me already.”
“Yes, let’s start with the incident in class,” the man said.
Reggie’s stomach clenched. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Really, Reggie, surely you remember?” He leaned forward. “How’d you feel when your touch brought that dead frog back to life?”
Sucking in air, Reggie woke from the dream and frantically untangled herself from her sheets. Her thin T-shirt was soaked, and smelled like smoke. Her hands shook as she hugged herself. She didn’t want to think about what had happened in biology class. Reggie hadn’t told anyone, had ignored her teacher’s questioning glance and her classmates’ curiosity. Her lab partner, Mark Millan, had looked at her with wide eyes, his pimpled cheeks unusually pale. The frog had reeked of formaldehyde. There was no way it could’ve been alive, yet the moment she’d poked its body with her finger, it had leapt off the table.
Remembering the strange burst of energy that had shot through her into the frog, Reggie felt her right arm tingle again. First the butterfly she’d tried to save in a spider’s web and now the frog. Her lack of knowledge, of control over the situation terrified her.
“Whatever you’re selling, I’m not buying,” Reggie whispered into the darkness, extending her middle finger toward the ceiling and flipping off the man.
Her feet hit the cold wooden floor, and she padded out of her room past her mother’s bedroom. Her mother had taken a few sleeping pills around nine, and Reggie had smelled whiskey on her breath when she’d kissed her goodnight. Shivering, she walked to the bathroom. Maybe there were a few pills left.
“No!” she said. No way was she starting down that path. She turned to stare at her mother’s door and shook her head. She didn’t need pills; she needed to talk to someone. Walking past the bathroom, Reggie went downstairs and grabbed the phone. She’d call John. He’d be angry, but she didn’t care.
Pale moonlight filled the large kitchen. Reggie ignored the light switch and settled into a seat. The chrome table and chairs, a retro set from the 1950s, would have been fashionably hip if the red cushions hadn’t faded and the chrome didn’t wear rust spots. Reggie was debating getting a slice of cold pizza for comfort before she called John, when she noticed the sheet of paper stuck to the refrigerator by a magnet. Her mother had an appointment with her psychiatrist tomorrow. What was he doing to help? As far as Reggie could tell, he just loaded her mother with more antidepressants and continued to ignore her increasing drinking problem.

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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