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Today I’m on the ‘Getting Away With Murder’ blogtour, organized by Rachel’s Random Resources.
To promote this book I have a Q&As post, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Joy Wood has worked as a nurse most of her adult life and turned to writing six years ago to ‘see if she could.’ Her earlier work was adult romance and intrigue, but more recently she has switched genres to romance with a crime element. Joy lives in the small but charming seaside town of Cleethorpes in North East Lincolnshire and her writing ideas come from watching the tide turn daily, of course with the obligatory ice-cream – someone has to support the local economy!


Synopsis :

Claire is happily married to the charismatic Max Maric and living the dream in a luxury house in the prestigious Sandbanks area of Poole Harbour. She loves her husband and their precious son, Freddy. Her life is perfect. Or so she thinks.
Annabelle is Max Maric’s lover. She’s a wealthy widow and is all set to marry him, just as soon as he’s divorced. Her life will then be perfect. Or so she thinks.
One man, two women, but they can’t both have him.
And he doesn’t get to choose – the schizophrenic decides, with a sophisticated plan to eradicate her nemesis in the most heinous of ways.
The intended victim needs a friend. Fortunately, she has a new one she’s become close to.
But nobody told her that false friends are worse than open enemies.

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Q&A :


First of all thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions, I really appreciate it. Here we go! 🙂

Can you, for those who don’t know you already, tell something about yourself and how you became an author?
I am a registered nurse with a degree in public health. I’ve always loved reading, but never really thought about writing until six years ago when I just wanted to see if I could write a book. As you can imagine, it took quite a while for my words to become a book, but I’m pleased to say I got there. Becoming involved in the book community has changed my life. Now I can’t imagine not being part of it.

Which books did/do you love to read as a child/now as a grown-up?
I grew up with Enid Blyton, Agatha Christie and Mills and Boon. (I spent years looking for a typical Mills and Boon hero to have in my life!) When I was 12, I sneaked into my mother’s bedroom and started to read the book at the side of her bed that I “could read when I was older.” It was a gem and has stayed with me all my life. The book is ‘The Other Side of Midnight’ by Sidney Sheldon. I still think about how that story transported me away from my young life into a different world as I turned each page.

Is there a writer whose brain you would love to pick for advice? Who would that be and why?
Barbara Taylor Bradford. I was lucky to win a competition two years ago to attend a book launch where she did a question and answer session with the host of the evening. My goodness me – what a personality. She was captivating and extremely wise.

If you could, which fictional character (from your own book(s) or someone else’s) would you like to invite for tea and why?
The first book that I ever wrote had beautiful identical twin sisters in it (For the Love of Emily). Rebecca was the central character for the book and everything she did/action she took, was for her dear twin Emily who had moderate learning difficulties. I developed her into such a charming, cute and endearing character which readers seemed to fall in love with. I’d love to meet her in real life! I once went to a book club with members who had kindly read the book and wanted to give me feedback. The joy of the evening was them all discussing the lovely Emily. It amused me that she only existed in my head!

Do you have some rituals or habits whilst writing?
None whatsoever. Have laptop, will travel. I do seem to consume a lot of biscuits though hence my return when it opened up to my slimming class!

Where do you come up with your idea(s)? Do people in your life need to be worried? 😉
Not at all. My characters are far removed from real life, however I do use situations that interest me and I’d like to replicate in some form. So beware of telling me any holiday mishaps or family secrets!

Are you a plotter or do you go with the flow, as a pantser?
Definitely go with the flow. I always have an idea in my head when I start, but the drama begins at the PC. Somehow, ideas seem to flow for me as I write and I like to develop the characters as ideas spring to mind.

Can you give novice writers some tips (do’s/don’ts)?
Do’s – get writing. It is so easy to not write. You can find loads of reasons to put it off. I believe in writing and writing and writing until the novel is finished. That said, it isn’t a novel at that stage – it’s just telling me the story.
If you don’t want to write a full story, try a short story, or maybe keep a journal. The key is writing, not thinking too much because if you do, you talk yourself out of it ie ‘I can’t write’ ‘who would want to read my book’ ‘how will I ever get a publisher?’ ‘I can’t self publish, I wouldn’t know how.’ YES YOU CAN to all of those – JUST WRITE!
And don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are so many people out there that have been where you are and are only too willing to pass on tips etc. I’m not an expert but I’m happy to share the way I do things.
Don’ts – have your iPad/iPhone around when writing. Social media kills all creativity. Don’t get drawn in by negative people who try to put you off ie “My aunty wrote a book and only sold 100 copies.’

What are your future plans as an author?
I’m delighted to report that I have just signed a two book deal with Dark Edge Press. I’m really looking forward to working with a traditional publisher as I’ve been independently working alone and self publishing for five years. It will be interesting to see the comparison. I do love self publishing though and sincerely hope to do both. Whether I can remains to be seen. I do hope so as my independent books are on sale locally which is a real boost for a self published author. But I do need to come up with some new ones.

Last, but not least : Can you give my readers one teaser from your book, which is featured here on my blog, please?
Annabelle attending a regular counselling session.

“That’s reassuring,” George Grey nodded, “but in everyday life, we all suffer with stress, or for want of a better expression, we all come under pressure. My concern is how you are going to handle that when such a situation arises, and more importantly, how your fiancé will react. We’ve worked together on coping strategies but we do need to be mindful that another incident could have huge consequences.”
“Yes, of course. But as I’ve said many times since the episode with my late husband, I am now better. I’m a completely different person. That almost seems like it was somebody else. I’m on a new pathway in my life right now. Nothing like that will happen again with Max and I, I can assure you.”
“But you do understand my apprehension regarding the speed in which you’ve progressed in your relationship. I’m reassured you have explained it all to your fiancé, but I’m somewhat sceptical about him not being unduly worried. No disrespect intended, but I think any man would be that enters into a relationship with a woman with a history such as yours.”
“Yes, but he’s relieved I have you helping me to move on as well as being thankful the courts were lenient. He knows I was ill at the time and is sympathetic about that. I’ve reassured him that I’m on medication to control everything. Dr Stead said as long as I keep taking that, he sees no reason for me to ever go back to that dark and dismal place.”
“Has Dr Stead suggested that your fiancé accompanies you to any sessions with him?”
“No. He didn’t seem to think that was necessary.”
“I see. Then we must trust his professional opinion even if he and I differ. You’ve been doing well with the bespoke programme, and we want to make sure that continues. But your life is going to change dramatically when you get married. Part of my role is overseeing your sustained positive mental health, but also I feel I have a responsibility to ensure that a man who has become central in your life, is aware of the potential chance at some stage of a reoccurrence of a negative episode which could put him in danger.”
“Fine,” she said firmly, “I’ll discuss it in greater depth with him then.”
“That’s my advice. While I can’t force you to bring your fiancé with you to one of our sessions, I am suggesting that he does accompany you. One session most probably would be all we’d need together.”
“Right, well, I’ll think about it. But before I do anything, is my medical history confidential? If I choose not to tell . . . elaborate further about my diagnosis, nobody else gets to know but you and Dr Stead, do they?”
She glared at George Grey knowing the answer but wanted to remind him of his place. He wasn’t controlling her relationship with Max.
His face remained deadpan. “Of course your medical history is confidential. But we find ourselves in uncharted waters here. And as you’ve said yourself, you’ve explained everything that has happened to your fiancé, therefore,” he peered over his glasses at her, “I’m finding it difficult to comprehend why you would object to him gaining more information. Information which could protect him and give him a greater awareness of how to support you if in the future you find your mood . . . fluctuating.”
She needed to remain calm. Best to fake tiredness and get out of there.
“Look . . . with respect, I’ve spoken to Dr Stead and he’s happy with me and my medication. And I’ve done as you previously suggested and explained everything that has happened to my fiancé. I’m feeling rather tired today and have a splitting headache. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to cut today’s session short.”
“Of course. Just one thing that has occurred to me. You say you’ve explained everything. How clear have you been?”
“I don’t know what you mean?”
“Have you told your fiancé there was an accident and your husband died?” he paused giving her time to digest what he was saying . . . “or have you explained it was you that killed him?”

Isn’t that a great reason to pick up this book and to find out more?!
Thanks once again for this lovely interview, Joy Wood.

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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