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Earth 101 Book Tour

Today I’m on the ‘Earth 101’ blogtour, organized by Zooloo’s Book Tours.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Earth 101 is the debut novel from Emae Church, an emerging author, based in the South-West of England, who enjoys the adventure of life with two lovely children, when not saving the world.


Synopsis :

41fgcQNCldS._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_A missing girl. A world of secrecy. A quest to expose the truth.
Jayne knows they’re gone, but no one else will acknowledge what’s happening.
One by one, they’re systematically erased from existence. No explanations. No missing person’s reports. No search parties.
Something sinister is afoot. Jayne can feel it in her bones. But uncovering the truth will prove difficult, especially when she discovers who and what is behind the devious plot.
As she searches for answers, she grapples with the lingering effects of a head injury, an unexpected forbidden romance, and a strange new reality that changes everything.
Will she uncover the truth, or will she be the next innocent victim?

Amazon UK
Amazon US

Excerpt :

“Jayne. The Principal can suggest no police action is taken, but it is in my right, my duty that I should report this.” He pauses and tilts his chair back slightly, but then lets his weight fall forward with his hands slapping onto the tabletop. I jump at the sound.
“Give me one reason not to call them,” he demands, his words quiet but commanding.
I look towards Mom, and I can see her stiffened posture is both defensive and agitated. She glares at me. “Just answer him, Jayne.”
My hands are gripping the sides of the seat, and my heart is already thumping so loud, it wants to drown out my words. I can’t have the police on my case again. It’s becoming a habit now, and they will arrest me. Car theft and damage. The scene with Chloe’s mom and me escorted home. And now this. What if I’m sent to court? What if the court asks my doctor for a medical statement? She’ll say I’m crazy. Imagining people. Juvi-record and that’s the end of my future if I’m not careful here.
“I was searching for my friends,” I offer, weakly.
The officer retreats into his seat. “Your friends?”
“Jayne,” Mom says under her breath, but it’s loud enough to catch the officer’s gaze.
“Where are your friends?” he asks. “Were they hiding in the office, too?”
“No,” I respond. “They have gone missing from the school, from Dereton. And I hoped to find out something about them in the file systems.”
There I’ve said it. Again. To another person.
His gaze widens for a moment. “Wait. You’re not talking about this, who was it again? Chloe?”
My eyes snap to his when he says her name.
“You remember?” I plead.
“Yeah, I remember—”
“Then I’m not crazy,” I declare and almost laugh. “Nobody believes me when I say she’s my best friend and that she’s gone missing.” I look towards Mom, but she’s not smiling back.
Instead, she looks from me and back to the officer.
“No, Jayne. I remember taking you from your classroom, the other week when you had that… meltdown? About how everyone has been lying to you about your missing friend, Chloe?”
My heart plummets to my stomach.
“What? The… meltdown?” I can hear my shouts and screams from that day in class. The shocked faces.
“Oh…” I slump lower. The security officer breaks the heavy silence. “Jayne. I realise something is going on here, about you, which I’m obviously not a party to.” He sounds sympathetic for once. “But tell me then. Did you find any records on Chloe?”
I shake my head. “No, Chloe or Laura.”
Mom squeezes my shoulder gently. “Let’s leave it there,” she says, gently.
I don’t see the wordless exchange between Mom and the security officer. But in that silence, I am excused.
Mom asks me to wait outside for a moment, and I don’t object.
I’ve said enough.
But in my head, I am screaming. For a split-second then, I thought someone had believed me. That I’m not going crazy and inventing people.
Just for that moment, I had Chloe back.

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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