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Today I’m on the ‘Remember Me’ blogtour, organized by Zooloo’s Book Tours.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Dawn Terry enjoys writing romantic thriller/suspense novels, in which she takes her readers to beautiful locations on an emotional rollercoaster ride of deep suspense and sensual fiery passion. She is the author of Deadly Escape and Costa Del Lies.
Having worked in interior design, international stockbroking and banking, advertising, law, marketing and radio, Dawn has been personal assistant to some of the most senior men and women within their fields, and she’s had access to, and enjoyed partying in, some of the most exclusive and famous venues.
Dawn enjoys holidaying in idealistic locations and has travelled extensively around the world, using these life experiences as inspiration for her books. As well as living in her home country of England, she has lived in Spain and South America.
Currently Dawn lives in Bedfordshire with her family, and is working on novels set in the Balearic Islands, South America, Spain and USA.


Synopsis :

How can you escape a past you have no memory of?
A sexy Spanish Police Officer.
A beautiful woman with no memory.
A coastline brimming with dark secrets and betrayal…
As Sergeant Michael Sanchez finally finishes a long night shift, he finds a woman; wandering, bloodied, soaked and disoriented.
When Helen Jones wakes up in hospital she has no memory of who she is or what’s happened to her.
With Michael’s help, Helen slowly starts to piece together her memories and realises she is running for her life.
But from who?
As they race to uncover the truth, is Helen’s past about to catch up with her?

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Amazon US

Excerpt :

Walking towards the front door she took a deep breath, watching as her hand shook on the lock. She tried to stop it from shaking, but it wouldn’t. For the first time she allowed her mind to acknowledge the fear which sat deep inside her, and now she was truly alone, it refused to stay there. What if it hadn’t been some silly, albeit dangerous, accident? What if someone had tried to hurt her and she’d been attacked? She’d got the cut on her head somehow! And, despite having no memory of who she was, Helen had a feeling she wasn’t the type of woman to wear such a skimpy outfit for a night out. She hoped, at least, it was her nightdress. And if so, then why had she been out in her nightdress? As her hands trembled, she fought back tears; if someone had intentionally tried to hurt her, then who were they and why? And were they still around? Oh god, what if they wanted to finish the job?
‘Get a grip, Helen,’ she scolded. Her imagination was running on overdrive and she told herself to calm down. Nothing pointed to anything but an accident, so there was nothing to fear. Taking another deep breath, she slowed her thumping heart and walked out the door, checking it was locked firmly behind her.
On weak legs she walked down the stairs towards the building’s exit. With each step the noise of passing traffic and people grew louder. Her palms began to sweat, and she could swear that her heart was thumping even louder than all the commotion in the street. She shook her hands by her side, hoping that would stop them from shaking. But it did no good; they wouldn’t stop. She looked down at them thinking they looked like some alien-being attached to the end of her wrists the way they were moving with a life of their own and not responding to her brain.
Looking ahead to the road, Helen tried to take a step out of the doorway, but her legs wouldn’t move. She could see people passing by, going about their business. There was nothing to fear, just every day, ordinary, life. But she felt like she was watching a movie. A film which she wasn’t part of.
‘It’s no good,’ she muttered as she reversed inside the hallway, backing up against the cold wall. She’d planned to go to the shop and buy some basic food supplies, and get change for the payphone near the apartment building; she still needed to let Sergeant Sanchez know where she was. But that was impossible! She couldn’t bring herself to leave the building, never mind go down the road!
Frustrated, with her heel, Helen kicked at the wall behind her. Cursing when it hurt. She laughed angrily. How was she supposed to go about ordinary life when she didn’t even know what that was for her? She wasn’t living at the moment! Without knowing who she was, she was merely existing! She was never going to be a whole person until she knew who she was, where she lived, and what she liked. She didn’t even know what flavour drink to buy! Quickly, Helen turned her back on the outside world, deciding that it would have to wait until tomorrow. She couldn’t face it today, and she hoped it would feel different then.
Closing her apartment door and locking it firmly, she walked to the curtains and pulled them closed too, shutting out the bright light. Looking around the small, darkened room, Helen took refuge on her bed, climbing into the middle. She pulled the bottle of water and sandwich to her side, then lay down wishing time to go by. All she wanted was for the night to come and go, then tomorrow would to be a better day. It had to be!

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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