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Today I’m on the ‘Heavy Duty People’ blogtour, organized by Rachel’s Random Resources.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Iain Parke imports industrial quantities of Class A drugs, kills people and lies (a lot) for a living, being a British based crime fiction writer.
Iain became obsessed with motorcycles at an early age, taking a six hundred mile cross-country tour to Cornwall as soon as he bought a moped at the tender age of sixteen. After working at a London dispatch job delivering parcels on a motorcycle, he built his first chopper in his bedroom at university, undeterred by the fact that the workshop was upstairs.
Iain worked in insolvency and business restructuring in the UK and Africa, where he wrote his first thriller The Liquidator. The success of that propelled him to write a ‘biker lit’ trilogy about the Brethren Motorcycle Club, a ‘cult’ hit which has recently been optioned for television. Today Iain lives off the grid, high up on the North Pennines in Northumberland with his wife, dogs, and a garage full of motorcycle restoration projects.

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Synopsis :

“…a fantastic anti-hero…positively Shakespearian in his moral complexity…If I could only recommend one book this year, it would be Heavy Duty People”
– Vulpes Libris
Damage’s club has had an offer it can’t refuse, to patch over to join The Brethren MC.
But as the bikes rumble and roar across the wild Northern fells, what does this mean for Damage and his brothers? What choices will they have to make as they ride through the wind? What bloody oil stained history might it reawaken? And why are The Brethren making this offer?
Loyalty to his club and his brothers has been Damage’s life and route to wealth, but what happens when business becomes serious and brother starts killing brother?
From being in a gang to becoming a gangster, Heavy Duty People is the book that invented Biker Noir.
Get Carter meets Sons of Anarchy in this gritty British crime thriller, now in development for TV.

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Excerpt :

It’s High Church, the whole club has been summoned to hear an address from Dazza, local president of the feared and respected Brethren MC…

‘You all know Dazza here. So I guess I’ll just let him say what he has to say.’ He turned to Dazza and with a gesture gave him the floor as he pulled out his own chair to sit down.
Dazza nodded to him and looked out across the room, calmly meeting the guys’ eyes as they stared at him.
Dazza had a presence. You could never deny that. And it was a very calmly delivered speech, very businesslike, almost a formal diplomatic address delivered to a hushed hall.
‘Well firstly I’d like to start by thanking you guys for the opportunity to talk to you here tonight at your club meeting. I know you like to keep club meetings private, so do we in The Brethren, so I appreciate being invited in.’
Very polite. Very correct. We waited.
‘We in The Brethren have known you guys now for many years, we know that you are stand up guys who we can respect and we’ve always had good relations.’
It was like hearing the ambassador from a powerful country address the parliament of a smaller, but fiercely proud, friendly power. He obviously had a message to deliver and would do so courteously but firmly, and despite being alone in this room, he was calm, protected by the knowledge of what an assault on him would mean.
‘Obviously some of us have long standing business relations with some of you, and we don’t do that lightly.’
‘Some of us’ was a bit of a generalisation on his side of the house.
So what was coming here, I wondered?
‘I’m here to offer you guys a choice. The world is changing, you’ve seen that. The Duckies are organising in Scotland and now we hear that they have been talking to The Hangmen.’
There was a stirring amongst the guys. The Duckies were The Rebels MC, The Brethren’s main rivals over here. Their patch featured a screaming eagles’ head that The Brethren insultingly dismissed as looking like a duck.
The Hangmen however were very much our regional rivals and bête noirs. They had charters in Lancashire and South Cumbria so we regularly ran up against them in a border war that had been simmering and flaring up at odd intervals for the best part of ten years or so now.
‘The regional independents are being rolled up – you’ve all seen it happening. So guys like you sooner or later are going to have to choose whose side you want to be on.’
So I could see what was coming. We and The Hangmen had in effect provided buffer states between Rebel and Brethren territory. If The Rebels made moves to absorb their buffer, then The Brethren would have no option but to respond in kind.
‘You might say why do we need to choose? Why can’t we just stay out of it, stay independent? Well that’s a mistake. You can’t.’
He certainly had balls coming in here and saying that to the guys’ faces. If he wasn’t who he was, he would probably have been stomped. And it wasn’t that we were scared of The Brethren that was stopping anyone. It’s difficult to describe to an outsider, but it was like I say, a respect thing. Almost as though he was here to parley under a white flag. He was an envoy. So it was like a tradition, his person was inviolable as he came here to speak. If we fought them later over this we would stomp him without question if we caught him. But here and now, we would hear him out and he would unquestionably walk out unharmed.
‘If you try to stay neutral in a war, you will end up the losers. And the losing side in the war won’t be able to help you, while the winner won’t have needed you to win or have any reason to value you.
‘But don’t get the wrong idea here. I’m not here to threaten you guys.
‘We don’t recruit, we recognise.
‘And I’m here to tell you, as guys we respect, we want you on our side.
‘So as I say, I’m here to offer you all a choice.
‘It’s time to step up to the big time. Time to join the international Brethren world.’
Oh fuck, I thought, so that was what was coming.
‘We want you to patch over. We want you to join us to expand the North East charter across the region.’
Oh fuck. The what happens if you don’t was unsaid. Once The Brethren had made an offer like this we were either in or against them. It was not a choice being offered but an ultimatum, however quietly and smilingly delivered. It was join us or disband.
And it was always a one time offer.
Once Dazza had finished, Tiny stood up to formally respond. He thanked Dazza for coming out to see us and for setting out what he had to say so clearly. Obviously there was a lot to take in and we as a club would need to consider what he had said; to consult; we would need to ask the brothers inside who weren’t here tonight what they thought; we would need to come to a view.
‘Of course,’ said Dazza. ‘That’s only natural. Now I could hang around but I know that this is something you guys will want to discuss amongst yourselves so I suggest I leave you to it. Obviously you all know where I am if there’s anything you want to talk to us about.’
Butcher stood up to escort him from the room.
‘But before I go, there is one thing I would like to say in conclusion.’
The room waited in silence.
‘Just don’t take too long.’

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