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What Happened To Coco Book Tour Poster

Today I’m on the ‘What Happened to Coco’ blogtour, organized by Zooloo’s Book Tours.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

VB Furlong Author PhotoV.B. Furlong is a trainee lawyer and writer of young adult novels living in Berkshire, UK. She wrote her first “novel” at ten years old and has not stopped writing since then. As a teenager, V.B. Furlong wrote for her local paper and an online magazine whilst devouring any book she could find, and in writing for an older teen demographic hopes to instil the same love of books as she had, and still has to this day.
Through her writing she aims to explore many of the issues she faced herself growing up, in the hopes that others facing the same issues feel some solidarity. Her friendships are a huge part of her life and consequently is a major theme in her writing, exploring the way in which we interact with each other, especially in difficult times.
Originally from Mumbles, Swansea, V.B. Furlong enjoys the sun and the sea, and walking her three dogs across the cliffs. These walks have offered her inspiration for many pieces of writing, including What Happened to Coco.


Synopsis :

What Happened To Coco Book CoverWhen a girl disappears, long-buried secrets resurface…
Coco is missing. Her room’s a mess, and her phone is left behind in her dorm at Lainsbury Hall School
Ella, Coco’s childhood best friend, is desperate for her to return, although she knows that if she ever sees Coco again, there’ll be a lot of explaining to do.
Bea knows that her new group of friends attracts drama, and she thinks she has the last shred of common sense between them all. Only, if that was true, she would leave Genevieve, her toxic ex, well alone.
Conrad is confident that Coco will return safe and well. Only, the way his secrets are unravelling, he’s worried he won’t be when this is all over.
Harrison and Coco are the perfect couple. Everyone knows that. But looks can be misleading. Even the smartest boy in school can make a terrible mistake.
In order to navigate the web of secrets and lies that Coco leaves behind, her circle of friends needs to unravel a few of their own.
But the question remains: What happened to Coco?

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Excerpt :

Everything Coco posted, Ella knew the backstory behind, why she sent that cryptic tweet, where she had taken that photograph, where she had the idea for her blog. Ella was aware of every aspect of Coco’s life, whether she chose to confide in her or not. Ella knew, for example, that Coco and Harrison had a huge argument the previous Thursday, because Coco was flirting with George Thomas after English class that afternoon. Ella knew that Coco wasn’t happy her dad was not going skiing with the rest of her family at Christmas time, because he had to work. She could even hear Coco’s snores (which she insisted did not exist, to Ella, Bea’s and Harrison’s loud objections, all of whom had had the unpleasant experience of spending a long night at Coco’s nasally side). At that point she knew how long Harrison lasted in bed, for Christ’s sake, all because she could hear through the thin walls that separated their lives, that hid, or were supposed to hide, their most protected secrets. Ella wondered, then, why she had no answers to probably the most important question about Coco’s life so far: where had she gone?

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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