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About the Author :

jude escape bookI was a wife and writer at home when the Coronavirus hit. My husband was suddenly working from home, and I couldn’t get a minute’s peace while I wrote. I was going crazy and contemplated homicide. So I took a job as a contact tracer. The work took me away from Darcie and Connor, but at least it kept me out of prison. The job led me to write Have You Got A Kitchen Table? The Musings and Melancholy of a COVID-19 Contact Tracer. If you need a laugh pick up the audiobook!
Darcie’s story, Escape, was always playing on a constant loop in my head. Every day all day. I could hear her fear and Connor’s worry. And my personal favorite is Nan’s sarcasm. I can’t wait to finish her book, United. But Sondra, a loveable firecracker, and Simon, a lady killer who loves to not be in love, have impatiently waited their turn. Break Free is coming soon!
I am of Irish descent and hold a deep-rooted affinity to Ireland. So it was only natural that it be the setting of my first trilogy. Ireland has tattooed itself on my soul. It’s my second home. I can’t be there as much as I would like. This way, I can be there as often as I wish and bring my readers along for the ride.
I write the stories that come to me as best I can so others hear the characters, feel their emotions, and see their lives the way I do. In short, I let it rip and love every moment of it! I hope you do too.


Synopsis :

jude escape bookEscape to breathtaking Ireland in a story of passion, mystery, and suspense.
She dreams of breaking free.
Desperate to start over, Darcie Hartwell is drawn to Ireland, unwittingly compelled by the mystical power of fate and the ghost of an ancestor. She’s not looking for adventure, love, or friendship. She only yearns for a peaceful life, free from the memories that plague her nightmares.
He dreams of her.
Connor O’Brian is a hard-working Irishman who wants nothing to do with women or romance—burnt once, twice shy. Except for the one he sees in his dreams. For years, he has dreamt of only her. Nameless, voiceless, he doesn’t know if she’s real. But he knows that if he ever finds her, he will stop at nothing to keep her.
But fate has its own plans.
Falling into the waiting arms of the handsome Irishman was never Darcie’s intention, but in that one moment, everything changed. Now, Darcie must decide if she is willing to confront the past that haunts her and face who she is to fight for the love she never knew awaited her.



Review :

I must admit that I’m not a romance novel kind of woman unless there’s some history or mystery attached to, so when the blurb of ‘Escape’ just promised that I was game.
The beginning started of really great and both main characters piqued my interest with the mysterious dreams they were both having.
Unfortunately, after a couple of chapters in I began to doubt some things and wondered if people around my age and with that background really would act like this.
It all kind of felt not very realistic, in my humble opinion, and yes, I know romance books are there to sweep you of your feet and ache for the main characters, but it kind of needs to be valid.
I also was eagerly awaiting the promised mystery and suspense and came up rather disappointed as to me it was too much thrown in to have some.
A bit like some of the secondary characters, of which some are getting their own book, who have not enough body and stage time to act the way they did.
I’m sorry I felt this way throughout the reading as I can see the (rough) diamond this story is as Jude McLean can write and has great ideas.
I had, for example, truly the feeling of being in beautiful Ireland by the way the author painted the scenery.
I definitely would hop on a plane to go and discover the land myself given the time and that says it all I guess.
A pity that I can’t be more positive about it than I do, because, as said, I really feel the author has great imagination and a wonderful writing style!

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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