About Me

25348761_10155553028080379_5445842361500691029_nDear visitors


My name is Stefanie and I live in Flanders, Belgium. I’m 37 years old and an avid reader (mostly Dutch and English) and a dabbler in writing. I’m a corporate translator (Dutch – French – English – Spanish), I’ve knowledge of German and I’ve finished learning Swedish in 2020. Currently I’m trying to make sense of Egyptian hieroglyphs from the Middle Kingdom!

As a hobby (so no payment!) I’m an administrator of a Dutch book group on Facebook, called Boekenfans!, with about 16.700+ members. I have ‘worked’ with Dutch authors as well, reading their manuscript and correcting them / giving advice, for free (It’s a hobby after all!) . I furthermore have some contacts with Dutch publishing houses and authors who generously give me books in exchange to read and review, again for free.

The latter is the reason I’ve started this blog! As a thank you to the publishers and authors I’ll be sharing my reviews and other interesting facts (interviews, guest posts, extracts, promo’s, cover reveals, …) about books here, again without payment whatsoever.

I hope you’ll enjoy my take on things, visit a lot and maybe find some tips on books to read.

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

P.S. Don’t be a wallflower. Feel free to comment, but keep it respectful, please!