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Dear visitors,

Thank you for considering The Magic of Wor(l)ds for promoting your work for free. I’m currently offering reviews, cover reveals, basic promo posts, guest posts, excerpts and Q&As for almost every genre. However, if you’re interested in a book being reviewed, whether as an author or a publisher, please read the following review policy before contacting me via e-mail.

I accept physical books, ebooks (epub or mobi) and audiobooks for review consideration. Please send me as much information about the book in question as possible, including links to the bookstore websites, author website, social media links, … . If you have a date in mind or if it’s for a blogtour let me know this too, so I can have a better idea if I’ll be able to review the book in due time.

My preferred genres are everything crime related (from hard-boiled to cozy mystery), historical fiction/historical romance and all things fantasy. Of course, if the blurb sounds interesting to me I might review out of these genres as well. I’m living in Belgium, Europe, so please take this into account when sending psychical copies (I can’t affort to pay customs!) or when you mail me your information. Blogging is not only a hobby, but I can also be in a different time zone than you. So please give me at least 72 hours to reply. Also ensure that you hold ALL the copyright to ALL the images supplied or that they’re free to access to avoid copyright problems.

Sending books for review consideration, without a specific time frame, doesn’t guarantee a review right away as I still have other things to do. When the review goes online I will of course email you a link and post it on GoodReads, Instagram and Twitter when the time allows me. If I find myself unable to review your book, whichever reason, I’ll contact you too. This said, thanks once again for your interest in my blog and considering me to promote your book(s)!

The Magic of Wor(l)ds