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Today I’m delighted to be on the cover reveal for ‘The Spirit Girls’, organised by Second Sky, but first I’ll share some information

About the Author :

Dawn Merriman author imageDawn Merriman writes creepy small town murder mysteries, but nothing too graphic. (She likes to sleep at night.) She grew up on a small pig farm in Northeast Indiana and spent her teenage years sitting on her bedroom floor, scribbling stories into notebooks. Today, Dawn lives on another small farm with her husband and young adult children. You can often find her with muck boots on her feet and a story in her head. She enjoys animals, auctions, reading, snorkeling and writing small-town murder mystery novels.


About the Book :

A heart-pounding mystery with a touch of romance, The Spirit Girls begins a new series of paranormal thrillers that are impossible to put down.
Rylan Flynn has always been able to see what others don’t—the restless spirits haunting Ashby, Indiana. She’s learned to live with her “gift,” but sometimes she longs to escape.
The woods have always been peaceful for Rylan. But on a visit to her aunt’s cabin, she catches sight of a spirit in the trees. The ghost of a young woman approaches, leading Rylan to her body.
With a flood of horror, Rylan realizes that the girl, Celeste Monroe, has been murdered. An outgoing newcomer to town, Celeste had no enemies. Who would want to see her dead?
When a coin carved with strange symbols is discovered in Celeste’s throat, it’s clear that a twisted, cold-blooded killer is at work.
Rylan’s abilities could be the only way to prevent further deaths. But Ashby’s handsome head detective, Ford Pierce, has made it very clear that he doesn’t want her help.
And any unexplained knowledge of the case could make Rylan the perfect suspect.
When another body is discovered and blood at the scene points to Rylan’s family, she is more determined than ever to uncover the truth. She must race against time to untangle a web of dark secrets… but can she find answers before the murderer claims another victim?

And now it’s finally time for the

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This great looking book will be available on the 9th of May 2023.

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