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Bound to you

Today I’m on the ‘Bound to You’ blogtour, organised by Love Books Tour.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

KguVefRG_400x400Thanks for wanting to learn more about me! I’m Aly, and I’ve been writing since middle school. I’ve always been a fan of paranormal, fantasy, and supernatural fiction. I’ve consumed it in many forms, including from books, movies, video games and anime. I would walk home from school hoping a black cat with a crescent moon on its forehead would come to me and tell me I was a reincarnated superhero, just like in the anime Sailor Moon. When that didn’t happen, I wrote my own Sailor Moon fanfiction, then original stories, all with strong heroines with magical powers. I realized my own magical power was my love for storytelling and world building.
I’m in love with my characters finding a love worth dying for. I love putting them in impossible situations and seeing how they figure things out and persevere. I really hope that you enjoy their journeys, too!
When I’m not writing about lusty demons, angels, and other paranormal beings, I enjoy spending time with my husband, daughter, and maltipoo. I’m an avid video gamer, student of Japanese, tea aficionado, crafter, reader, and all-around nerd. I strongly believe in the healing powers of retail therapy.


Excerpt :

“So you killed a beast?” he asked smugly.
She took a deep, restorative breath. “I killed a wolf in the forest at the base of the mountains.”
“A simple kill, but I am pleased. What fun this bond will be.” Laughing, he pushed off the wall with his shoulder and came a few steps closer. “You know, it’s funny. You drank from me and it kept you alive, but you became bonded to me, your savior. You must obey my every command. Hell, I could tell you to strip and suck my cock and you’d have to do it eventually. Me? When I drink angel blood, it burns for a moment—gets me a little high, actually—and I heal, but I am bonded to no one. Your gods are cruel, are they not?”
Coryn tried not to show her annoyance, but as soon as her eye twitched, Zagan caught the motion, and a wide smile grew across his lips.
He leaned closer and, clearly taking enjoyment from taunting her, dropped his voice. “Make you strip. I very much like the sound of that. Should I do it?”
He pulled her to him, and she felt his erection against her thigh. A gasp escaped her lips, and he grew even harder against her. She wished she could say her body didn’t respond, but arousal flooded her, shocking her. She’d truly lost control.
“Each time you try to subvert me, or come at me with that attitude of yours, should I tear you down a little more?”
She shuddered and her skin prickled as he leaned closer and dropped his voice to a whisper.
“I can think of so many ways to torture you, my beautiful forsaken. Shall I share you with my brothers? Or should I keep you for myself?”
“Do whatever you want, Zagan,” she said, keeping her voice even so as not to betray that she was unbelievably drawn to him. “I can’t do anything to stop you. Corrupt me, have the rest of your deplorable brethren do what they will to me—it will only bring me more joy when your kind is destroyed. One thing to keep in mind, though, as you make me your angel of darkness, try not to fall in love with me, because if you order me to pleasure you, that’s exactly what will happen. I have been the lover to gods.”
She wasn’t sure why she told him that but enjoyed the twitch it sent down his cock. Was he imagining her now, pleasuring a god instead of him? Did that make him jealous?
“The skies on Manusya would crackle when I pleasured Ouranos.”
He bristled. “The god who disappeared from the Heavens?”
It took effort to keep her shoulders from sagging—he wasn’t jealous, and all the realms knew of the god’s disappearance.
“In spite of the pleasure I gave him,” she said quickly.
That Zagan wasn’t enraged by her experience with the god angered her instead. She wanted him irritated that she’d been with another … but why?
“If you share me with your brothers, I can’t help when they fall in love with me too. It would be a shame if you all destroyed each other while fighting over a forsaken erelim.”
Letting her smile stretch wider, she purposefully brushed the side of her leg against his erection. “A damn shame indeed.”
Zagan growled, then there was a moment of silence between them before he matched her wicked grin with his own. “Continue to come to me with this much sin, with this much hatred … and I may just fall in love with you either way.”

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