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Today I’m on the ‘Kaji Warriors: Shifting Strength’ blogtour, organised by Love Books Tour.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

20395962Kelly A Nix is a native-born Texan from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In high school, she competed in rodeo, earned a brown belt in Taekwondo, and strived to be an actress. After graduating with her M.B.A., Kelly enjoys her career in the veterinary industry, and she spends most of her free time with her family, traveling, and writing. An animal lover, she shares her home with three cats, Louise, Rachel, and Orange Kitty, and a Great Dane mix named Dingo.


Synopsis :

704b8e_961ace534ddb4a8d8f72fe9bafa08f1b_mv2“I am strong. I am Kaji.”

Atae is a Kaji half-breed living on the capital planet of the Kaji Empire. In a culture dictated by strength and honor, Atae must prove her worth against shapeshifters and otherworldly creatures.
Hybrids like Atae search for their place within the changing Kaji society. At Sula Academy, they struggle to compete with Kaji purebreds, warriors with the ability to transform into savage battle beasts. Atae and her packmates prepare for the Sula Academy Tournament, which will determine their fate within their warrior culture, but the unwanted attention of the Kaji prince proves problematic for them.
Atae must find the strength to escape a spoiled prince’s wrath, survive her first crush, and help her packmates complete the Tournament, all while keeping the biggest secret of her life.


Excerpt :


A Kajian female stands in the middle of a field just outside the planet’s capital city. Hidden by the tall crops fluttering in the wind around her, she searches the night sky as the shifting clouds eclipse one of the small moons. Her mind swirls with the consequences of recent decisions, and her chest tightens around her heart from the pain of loss. She knows it’s dangerous to be here, probably a trap. But he will be gone soon, and she will be alone. Alone but for the billions of souls looking to her to lead them. She is many things to her people; above all else, she is a warrior. So with a warrior’s determination, she frowns, clenches her fists, and stands firm against the storm raging in her heart and mind.
The warrior’s calloused hands pull the black hooded wrap tighter as a cool breeze brushes against her. Although unable to dull the amber shine of her eyes, the cover conceals her movement and shape as she taps her foot and waits. Finally, a transport shuttle slips out from behind a cloud and descends upon her location. The warrior stares up at the massive construct in confusion as a hint of anxiety takes root from the implications of the star ship’s presence. Wind from the vehicle bellows, bending the tall grass to its will while the warrior darts her gaze around to satisfy her paranoia. With a huff of impatience, she watches the trespassing ship land, ignoring the growing smell of exhaust and burnt grass.
She narrows her eyes at the thought of the stealth ship slipping unseen past her planet’s defenses. The anxiety rooted deep inside her sprouts tiny sprigs, but a building storm of rage threatens to smother it. When the bay doors open, the warrior’s molten gaze snaps to the familiar figure exiting the shuttle. A bestial growl bursts from her chest as anger and betrayal rages within the warrior. She stomps toward the awaiting female with a nasty snarl and a dangerous word engulfing the warrior’s mind.
Traitor. The traitor steps from the shuttle’s dock onto the familiar ground and sighs with relief to breathe in the scent of home. Seeing the warrior striding toward her, the traitor pauses with a sigh, then rolls her shoulders and waist to stretch the muscles that she’ll need for this ‘discussion.’ The traitor plants her feet in the center of the clearing and awaits the wrath of her former packmate. The warrior stops an arm’s length from the traitor and, with a fury born of love and betrayal, amber eyes meet traitorous emerald. A silent struggle of wills ensues as the two females express their mutual hatred for one another in distasteful snarls and gnashing teeth. The moons cast a deceptive light on the two lone figures, and a light breeze twirls the black robes around each of the battle- hardened females as they square off. In a deep, resounding voice, the warrior speaks first.
“What do you want?” The traitor huffs at the expected question and responds in the familiar, silvery voice that grates across the warrior’s nerves. “Were you followed?”
“Were you? How did your ship arrive undetected?” “I have my ways,” the traitor says. The warrior narrows her eyes at the flippant response.
“As do I,” she says and snatches the traitor by her robes to jerk her close. “Now, why did you contact me? Never mind how you did it.”
The traitor does not pull away nor cower to the warrior’s rage; instead, she accepts the warrior’s pain and anger. In fact, she expected blood by now. Perhaps, the seasons have softened the warrior.

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