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The Milan Job Blog Tour

Today I’m on the ‘The Milan Job’ blogtour, organised by Psst… Promotions & Let’s Talk Promos.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Krista Cagg Author PicAccording to her mother, Krista has lived in her own imagination since birth. The real world let her down. It was, frankly, boring beyond belief. After she discovered fantasy novels and comics there was no going back. This didn’t win her any popularity contests (or dates) until after high school. Art school introduced her to other geeks and the wonderful world of AD&D. A love for RP eventually led to LARP (the goth/vampire era of her life). Finally, sci-fi/fantasy/fandom conventions introduced her to the beautiful world of Steampunk. Music. Clothing. And books. She dove into the books she took a shine to and absorbed them. But something was missing. She wasn’t satisfied. During her recovery from neck surgery something she’d heard somewhere stuck out in her mind: “If you can’t find the stories you want to read then write them yourself.” On a couch in Savannah, GA. with Sons of Anarchy playing in the background, The William’s Hunt began.
Currently, Krista lives in her home town in Pennsylvania with five cats, a husband, and a weiner dog, Pete, who watches from the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
Check out her website and follow her on social media.

Synopsis :

The Milan Job_Krista CaggMeet Captain Alexandria de Sade, the proud and once loyal captain of Naviwerks chrono-ship #25. When she learned the truth about how the company was fleecing their customers she turned her back on the promotion they offered her, left the man she loved without a word, and disappeared with her ship.
With a plan in mind to undermine Naviwerks’ business of artifact and heirloom retrieval, Captain Alex hired on several like-minded misfits to crew her chrono-ship which she re-christened The William’s Hunt. They are: An awkward but genius Horotech, an irascible ex-marine, a flamboyant playboy, a churlish physician, and a hot-shot pilot.
Their first venture: go to Milan, Italy 1490 and retrieve the working model of Leonardo da Vinci’s Gran Cavallo before Naviwerks does. What should have been a simple snatch and run mission for the newly formed band of pirates goes south nearly immediately. In their struggle to recover, they learn that there is much more behind Naviwerks’ actions. Captain Alex and the crew of The William’s Hunt are the only ones that stand a chance of putting things right,and it seems as if her crew’s every step takes them deeper and deeper into discovering just how nefarious Naviwerks truly is.


Excerpt :

“They control the Guard.” Laurence’s voice filled the silence. He said it with a hesitant tone, but there it was, and he swallowed nervously as both Nigel and Geri turned to look at him with expressions that clearly said he should explain himself.
“Well, it only makes sense,” he offered with a slight tremor in his voice. “Why else risk exposing such a high profile entity as the Papal Swiss Guard before their official existence if they did not feel they could control the situation? At this time it was the church that chronicled the happenings. No one would gainsay what they wrote down as the truth.” Laurence began to blink more rapidly, and his fingers fidgeted as the Historian and the Security Officer closed in on him, Nigel in fascination, while Geri looked like he was growing impatient again.
Laurence continued. “So to them it wasn’t a risk. Look, I’m simply following a line of logic. You needn’t look at me like that, Mr. Reynolds. If I am wrong then it still makes sense that more Agents will not be in Milan waiting for us since w-…”
Nigel raised a hand. “No, I believe you are correct.” Oh, their little Horotech was cleverer than Captain Alex led them to believe. His mind was sharp indeed. He had his own growing reasoning for why it made sense for Naviwerks to have Agents in the Papal Swiss Guard if not outright control of the group. It would mean far darker dealings within the corporation than any of them had guessed, and Nigel wasn’t willing to commit to the hypothesis just yet so he kept these thoughts to himself for now. “But perhaps this mystery is one we should pursue at another time. Right now we have a model to obtain. Then we can return to berth where we can puzzle this.”

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