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Today I’m on the ‘Lethal Legacy’ blogtour, organized by Zooloo’s Book Tours.
To promote this book I have an excerpt, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

HR Kemp Author PhotoI’m an Australian author and I’ve lived in Adelaide, South Australia, for about forty years. I grew up in country areas near Melbourne.
My second novel, Lethal Legacy, is a conspiracy mystery/thriller set mostly in Australia. It’s available on pre-order until release day 8 April 2022. Deadly Secrets, my debut novel, is an Australian political conspiracy mystery thriller. It was released in 2020. My short stories have appeared in the UK anthology When Stars Will Shine; the Australian anthology Fledglings; the online Canadian Scarlet Leaf Review Magazine; and the UK Writers’ and Readers’ Magazine.
My work experience includes a public service career spanning roles as diverse as Management Trainer, Team Facilitator, Statistician, and Laboratory Assistant. These required business writing skills, so when I retired, I successfully completed a Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing at Adelaide University. I’d also completed numerous short creative writing courses at Writers SA and WEA. My first degree was a Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, and I have a Graduate Diploma in Education.
Besides writing; another of my passions is travelling and discovering new places. I’ve visited many fabulous countries and cities around the world. I keep a daily travel journal and take copious photos and many of these inspire scenes for my stories e.g. Deadly Secrets begins in Paris and has scenes set in Normandy, Nice, and Barcelona before returning to Australia where the action happens in Adelaide, Sydney, and outback SA. I’m an avid theatre-goer and subscribe to the Adelaide State Theatre company. I enjoy art exhibitions and galleries and of course, I love to read. In March each year, I take full advantage of the Adelaide Writers’ festival to discover new authors and to hear my favourites. Some of the writers I admire are Elliot Perlman, Anna Funder, John le Carré, and Peter Temple.


Synopsis :

HR Kemp Author PhotoWhen Innocent questions have dangerous answers.
Laura’s life is plunged into turmoil when her husband, Tom, dies suddenly. On that same night, an intruder steals files from his home office. He’d been researching his previous employer’s Iraqi operations but hadn’t shared his concerns with Laura. Why would anyone want his notes?
Staying ignorant won’t protect her.
Learning Tom’s death could be murder, Laura takes matters into her own hands. She’s fifty-nine but it’s not too late to turn amateur sleuth. She uncovers a dark mystery, a deadly conspiracy involving organised crime and corruption. Powerful people will kill to silence their enemies and now she’s been warned. But who can she trust?
Staying silent won’t keep her safe.
A standalone Australian conspiracy mystery thriller in the style of Deadly Secrets. A novel with suspense, drama, and intrigue.

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Excerpt :

John worked through one file; two South American shipments were delayed for the second time in the last six months. His contacts were embroiled in another feud with their competitors, and these ego-driven disputes were hampering business. John clenched his fist. He’d paid handsomely for officials to turn a blind eye, yet there was always another official, another payoff. Smuggling drugs should have been easy money. It was for his little sister, Dimi.
Dimi’s Iraqi supply wasn’t affected by the petty issues he dealt with in South America. He’d get his revenge. He’d make his move to take over soon. It was fitting. The family business should have been his all along.
His mind wandered. John’s business, especially transporting large-scale construction equipment, was thriving, thanks to unofficial military contracts in Iraq. That and the sensitive weapons business channelled his way by the arms manufacturer, Wayne Skollov. It was good, but not enough. John wanted more, and an introduction to the latest crop of politicians would open more doors.
You could never have too many friends and allies within the government. The current government didn’t have factions, but they had tribes, and at the moment, they were warring tribes. The PM’s sudden heart attack, during one of his early morning walks, sent the party machine into chaos. They couldn’t decide anything without him taking charge. The jostling for position had been ugly to watch, but somehow, an outsider took over as PM. Luckily, his allies were also John’s contacts.
The mobile’s shrill ringtone interrupted his musings and John fumbled his private phone out of his pocket.
‘Giovani, ah John?’ Carlo’s deep voice faltered.
John scowled. Carlo’s carelessness was unforgivable.
‘Watch your tongue. I’m John Masters now, remember that,’ John scolded. Carlo had worked for the family long enough and should know better.
‘Sorry,’ Carlo said insincerely. ‘It’s confirmed.’
John stretched his legs and leaned back. ‘So, tell me.’
‘He’s been silenced.’
‘You don’t need to know the details, but it’s settled.’
‘Good.’ One less impediment to deal with. Dimi was too indecisive and let that complication get out of hand. ‘And the documents?’
‘I think we have them. We’re making sure.’
John shook his head. He’d make sure issues like this were dealt with quickly once he took over. ‘What about the girl?’
‘She’s been frightened off.’
‘Bloody Hell! That’s it? She could ruin everything.’
‘The boss is on it.’
John clenched his jaw. Carlo had promised this before.

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