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Today I’m on the ‘The Beyond Human Series’ blogtour, organized by Psst… Promotions & Let’s Talk Promos.
To promote this book I have a Q&As post, but before I let you read it first some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

Michelle Schad, a Virginia author, has been writing stories of the fantastic, the horrific, and the mysterious for as long as her fingers have been able to hold a pen.
In a world that passes for ‘normal’, she is all of the ‘normal’ things one might expect: mother, wife, keeper of fur-babies. She is also a student of life, meaning if there is something to learn, she will learn it, thus making her a veritable font of only partially useful knowledge.
Find out more about her life and goings on social media: FacebookTwitter or on her website.

Synopsis :


Publisher: Chaos Publications; 2nd edition (April 30, 2021)
Releases: April 30, 2021
Genre: Urban fantasy/Scifi/superhero
Language: English
Print Length: 144 pages
ISBN: 9781954413023

For many, the United States is a land of opportunity and new beginnings – unless you happen to be ‘different’ from everyone else. Hadi Shahir is one of those people, different in more ways than one. Hadi can manipulate fire; he is ‘Evolved’.
All he wants is a new life and new adventures in this land of opportunity. His dreams become endless nightmares, however, that begin with an inexplicable hate crime that leaves the young man traumatized and untrusting of the world around him. A chance encounter with a pretty face cracks that shell, showing him that not everyone in Chicago is out to get him until a rash of violent, deadly fires breaks out around the city.
Suddenly, all eyes focus on Hadi when too many coincidences bring his abilities to the forefront. In a matter of moments, Hadi jumps to the top of the AEC’s most-wanted list. His quiet life as a bartender quickly turns into a tangled mess of chaos, lies, and murder that drag the entire city of Chicago down in flames with the remnants of Hadi’s ruined life.



Publisher: Chaos Publications; 2nd edition (April 30, 2021)
Releases: April 30, 2021
Genre: Urban fantasy/Scifi/superhero
Language: English
Print Length: 186 pages
ISBN: 978-1954413047

Trust has been broken. Lives have been lost and most of Chicago burned to the ground. Blame is placed on those unfortunate enough to be born different; on Evolved. Demands for justice create a great deal of tension across the globe. The Agency for Evolved Control struggles to maintain order, spread too thin to combat a growing drug epidemic wreaking havoc across the populace.
James Kendall took an oath to protect the innocent and powerful alike. He is finding his new role as a member of the global security team, the Peacekeepers, is not all its cracked up to be. Saddled with two new partners and a growing number of disturbing Evolutionary episodes, he learns that the ones he trusted most have betrayed him. In order to set things right, James is forced to make decisions that could alter the future in catastrophic and unforeseen ways and uncover a scheme that is years in the making; a scheme that may spell disaster for everyone he holds dear.


Q&A :


First of all thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions, I really appreciate it. Here we go! 🙂

Can you, for those who don’t know you already, tell something about yourself and how you became an author?
I am a mother of four, an avid gamer (TTRPG’s), a tamer of chaos, and collector of ball-jointed dolls. I became an author to tame that chaos that lives inside my head. So many voices, ideas, landscapes – they needed to go somewhere so I put them on the page.

Which books did/do you love to read as a child/now as a grown-up?
I loved the RL Stine books growing up. Horror is one of my favorite genres. I still read them sometimes now. As an adult my tastes are expanding, however. My favorite authors to read now are Mercedes Lackey, Stephen King, and Neil Gaiman.

Is there a writer whose brain you would love to pick for advice? Who would that be and why?
Honestly, R.A. Salvatore. He writes fantasy novels set in the Forgotten Realms setting from Wizards of the Coast. I’d want to ask him if the novels are based on games he played and who he played with! 🙂

If you could, which fictional character (from your own book(s) or someone else’s) would you like to invite for tea and why?
From my books, none of them would sit for tea but James, from Hellfire, might be fun to have a drink with. From someone else’s book – Minerva MacGonagal, from the Harry Potter series. She seems like such a badass and yet so proper at the same time. I want to be her. 🙂

Do you have some rituals or habits whilst writing?
Music. Always have music. I have different playlists for each book, sometimes each character. Other than that, lots of water and snacks.

Where do you come up with your idea(s)? Do people in your life need to be worried? 😉
Ha! Shouldn’t everyone be worried? No, honestly, most of my ideas just fly into my head from things I see around me from my children playing with nerf guns (which I turned into a zombie story), to events that happen at the gaming table (how I got some of Hellfire and my fantasy novel Ashes to Embers), or things I see on TV that suddenly strike like a bolt of lightning and I say ‘Oh! That would make a great setting/idea/character!’ and off I go because the brain will not be contained.

Are you a plotter or do you go with the flow, as a pantser?
I am a plantser, as NaNo has come to phrase it. I start with a general plot and then see where the characters take me. Usually by the middle of the book, they have gone in an entirely different and unexpected direction from where I started or intended. Silly things.

Can you give novice writers some tips (do’s/don’ts)?
Do write as much as you possibly can whenever you can. Even if it is one sentence, one paragraph, one page. It adds up in the end. Don’t worry about spelling and grammar and making things perfect. You can’t make an empty page perfect, but you can make a full page almost perfect. 😉

What are your futureplans as an author?
I intend to keep writing as long as my fingers and voice (I use Dragon software when my hands are unresponsive) will allow. I intend to finish the Beyond Human series – there are two more books coming: one in beta at the moment and one in progress. I intend to grow my little corner of the creative world for as long as I can. So long as there is one person left to read it, I will write it. 🙂

Last, but not least : Can you give my readers one teaser from your book, which is featured here on my blog, please?

He coughed, choking on the rainwater that streamed down the sides of his broken nose. Each droplet dripped down the back of his throat along with the copper tang of his own blood.
He took another gut punch to the stomach, curling in over the steel toe that delivered the painful blow. He wretched into the puddle beneath him, groaning pitifully after. The kicks continued, bruising his ribs, his sides and hips, his chest and back until he no longer had the strength to keep them away. Instead, he lay there, dead to the world around him, numb to the pain and hateful words spewed at him.
The nightmare shattered like a broken window.
A violent hissing replaced the thunderous sound of falling rain. The taste and smell of copper evaporated into the odor of melting plastic.
“Get up!” someone barked in Arabic. The pain of the nightmare still lingered, but something about the barked order made Hadi Shahir’s limbs move, made him sit up and force his eyes open. Half of his room was on fire.
“Shit,” he cursed, immediately absorbing the flames into the palm of his hand. It burned the skin, reminding him of his curse. “Saleh, I’m sorry I-”
“You are late for work,” his cousin, Saleh, said heavily. “Mary already called. She is waiting for you.”
Hadi watched Saleh walk away with the fire extinguisher still in hand. The white foam was everywhere. There was absolutely nothing left of the television that once sat atop Hadi’s dresser. He could hear Nima, Saleh’s wife, asking if everything was all right as Saleh left the room and their baby girl crying from all the commotion Hadi caused.
The nightmare was the same every night.

Isn’t that a great reason to pick up this book and to find out more?!
Thanks once again for this lovely interview, Michelle Schad.

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