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About the author :

Tomi is a cartoonist from Hungary & a graduate of The Kubert School.
He colored a bunch of Kevin Eastman’s TMNT covers and created a graphic novel adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera, coming out in October 2020.


Synopsis :

0.-Phantom_Cover-300x500The Phantom of the Opera, the iconic gothic romance, is retold with all the spectacle its legend demands in this devoted graphic novel adaptation that marries stunning artwork with Gaston Leroux’s haunting prose.
Everyone has heard the whispered tales of the phantom who lives beneath the opera house, the mysterious trickster behind all the little mishaps and lost things. But no one has ever seen the monster . . . until now. When the promise of blossoming love lures him out from his intricately constructed hideaways in the labyrinthine building’s walls and cellars, a hideously disfigured artist trains the lovely Christine to be the opera’s next star for a steep price. Does she choose her newfound success or her beloved Count Raoul? This doomed love triangle threatens to combust when a tragic death, a series of betrayals, and increasingly dangerous accidents cast the players of The Palais Garnier into a heart-wrenching horror story that will echo through the ages.

A Wave Blue World

Review :

‘The Phantom of the Opera’ is one of the few classics I’ve read in the original language, so it’s right to say that I’m always a bit sceptical when it comes to adaptations.
With an open mind however I downloaded this Graphic Novel ARC and couldn’t wait to start reading it so I immediately dived in.
First of all, I’m going to say I find it a great idea to try and make a Graphic Novel out of a classic to get people, who don’t really like reading or like it more visual, to connect with those kind of books.
I believe the style of drawings will attract a lot of people as they work well with the original story’s vibe which is kind of dark, eery and Gothic like.
However, I need to tell that, although loving the illustrations, I instantly kind of disliked the Phantom himself with his reddish eyes and weird mask.
I didn’t connect with him visually and story wise he wasn’t that well portrayed either in my opinion.
Whilst reading the original story you empathize quite a lot with him, you feel for him even if you know he’s bad news and here he’s just a bit to one dimensional in my judgement.
Also the general feeling after reading is that only the biggest gist of the original story was told, without all the great nuances and that’s, in my own view at least, a great pity.
I know it’s hard to put a rather large book into a Graphic Novel, but I felt that for a lover of the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ it lacked.
For a first time reader however, I believe that they will get an interest in Erik, Raoul and Christine and possibly pick up the original and that would be a big plus!

The Magic of Wor(l)ds